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Newbie Help (Mother-in-law)

Guest Andig

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Guest Andig

hi all, i am going through the actions with starting for my 489 visa and wondered if anyone has had any experience of getting close family member accepted on their visa application. i have been told that in some cases that a doctors certificate stating dependancy is sometimes accepted.


i know what your all thinking, why move to the other side of the world and take the mother-in-law, but needs must!!! :-)


any experience or advise please.

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You do not say if you have checked the visa conditions for the 489 so just in case have a look at this first http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/including-family-members/ and the criteria list attached against other dependant relatives. Information via link as follows:-


To be considered a dependent relative you must prove they:


  • have no other relative able to care for them in their own country
  • are not currently married, engaged or in a de facto relationship
  • usually are a resident in your household
  • depend on you for financial support for their basic needs and you have supported them for a substantial period
  • depend on you more than any other person or source.


So yes a doctors certificate and accompanying statement would go a long way to helping you sort this out via the 489 route.


If you cannot get them in on the 489 then you two go first and you could then start the process for a Parent Migration Visa. Takes ages to process, costs masses and hopefully by the time it comes around she will have completely forgotten the reason as to why she wants to go in the first place!! And bingo you are a free man :biggrin:


Of course if you go on a 489 then she could come over on a tourist visa for the first year after you guys arrive, start the process for a Parent Migration visa and then when that is being processed apply for a bridging visa to stay with you until the final visa decision comes through. Again very much in your favour due to the time delays, it takes years this way :biggrin:


All information is here:-





Good luck by the way

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Guest Andig

Many thanks, very useful and confirms my thoughts. She only lives round the corner but has no other family, lives on her own and relies on us for emotional and everyday support.

And as you say if all else fails there are ways for her to come whilst we sort out other types of Visa.

Thanks again.

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I am assuming you are in the UK. In which case it is usually impossible for the relative to pass the test that they are financially dependent.

There is the contributory parent visa. However, this is VERY expensive. There are also criteria on how long you have been in Oz. The other is the last remaining relative. However this has a 15 year wait list.

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