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  1. KatieLou

    Temp 457 visa to Perm 186/187 visa

    Hey! Thank you all for your tour advice, we have talked it over and think we will stick with the agent. It is another expensive I'd rather avoid but I would rather be a lot better prepared with the help of an agent to avoid the application being refused. Fingers crossed it goes through ok [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi All, My partner is on a 457 visa and we have reached the 2 year mark required to lodge a permanent nominated visa application. The company has agreed to go ahead with this and we have received a quote from the same agent that processed our 457 which is quite expensive. Im just wondering if anyone has lodged this kind of visa themselves and is it straight forward to do? I have looked at the requirement list online and it doesn't look to daunting. Any my help is appreciated. Thanks KatieLou
  3. KatieLou

    Visa granted !!!

    Congratulations @pegg
  4. KatieLou

    Selling UK house from Australia

    Thanks everyone for your replies they have been really helpful. I have spoken to our agents and have agreed to continue renting for the time being. If the next tenant proves to be just as difficult then i think we will sell. I just feel frustrated being here and not able to assess the probelms at the house myself. If we do sell I will appoint the appropriate people to handle the sale. Thank KatieLou
  5. KatieLou

    Selling UK house from Australia

    Hi Druid, I have had many debates over the tax issue. I sort advice from two tax agents and been informed that on certain visas in this case 457, you do not need to declare UK income. If we decided to apply for PR we have to have our House valued for CGT purposes and declare any rental income from the date PR is granted. I will continue to declare our UK income to HMRC until this happens. Thanks KatieLou
  6. KatieLou

    Selling UK house from Australia

    Thanks @pegg I was hoping we could get out of flying home to finalise. It seemed a good idea at the time to rent it out but it just becomes such an effort constantly back and forth to the agent.
  7. Hi All, I am just after a little bit of advice about selling our UK house from here Australia. We moved out here in June 2015 and let our house out a couple of months beforehand. We have received notice from the tenants that they will be leaving the property at the begginning of April so I am looking into our options. They havent looked after it very well and they seemed to be quite nieve about the whole thing, like requesting help for changing light bulbs and stuff! Anyway it just seemed to be alot of effort constantly having to do things on the house as a result of their neglect. I hoped that when we left it would pretty much take care of itself money wise and that the management agent would deal with anything else, but its not been that easy. My questions are: Has anyone sold the home while hear in Aus? Did you have to fly home to sign contracts? Are there any other things to consider? We are on 457 visa's so we dont decalre our UK income here in Australia, we are are aware that once we are granted PR we will have to get the house valued and declare all income here. Any advice would be great. Thanks KatieLou
  8. KatieLou

    ACCA Exams in Perth

    Hi All, I started my ACCA studies in the UK and now we are abit more settled here in Aus I would like to take them up again. I have made enquires and I am aware that Perth does not offer any tuition and the exam centre is classed as a "Special Exam Centre" which means there will be more fees ontop of my exam fee to pay for the cente and invigilator, has any sat an ACCA exam in perth and roughly how much was the extra fee? My only other option would be to fly to the east coast to sit the exam, so I need to weigh up which is the cheapest. Any help will be greatly appreciated. KatieLou
  9. KatieLou

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    Yes I agree WA has a lot to offer and beautiful coastlines but whats wrong with wanting to explore other countries to? I personally have plenty of places on my list to visit in WA but also many places in Asia to. Travelling from the UK to Asia is expensive, so now that we live here and its practically on the doorstep, we are able to travel to places that we could never have afforded to go before.
  10. KatieLou

    Capital Gains Tax

    Have a look on the ATO website it should tell you on there. I am fairly sure if you have lived in the property before renting it out then you can claim a partial exemption for the period of which is was your main residence. If you move out and continue to declare it as your primary residence then you may be eligible for full exemption. However this means if you buy another house you can't put this as your main residence. KatieLou
  11. Great, I'll put it in my diary... see you all there ? x
  12. Hi @David82, If you get to centerlink as soon as you arrive with your passport and a copy if your visa (maybe take someylthing with you aussie address on aswell just incase) and they will give you a form to complete to get your medicare card. You can fill it in while you are there and they will process is for you and give you your temporary medicare number. I think it took a couple of weeks for the actual card to come through. I think for your 457 visa to remain valid you have to have the basic hospital cover in place. If you cancel it you may be in breach of your visa conditions so maybe check first. Katie
  13. Hi @David82, Myself and my partner are here on a 457 visa. We were only required to have hospital insurance in place for the 457 to be granted. Unfortunately not all health insurance companies provide cover for 457 visa holders. We were originally with Bupa but have since changed to a company called Frank. You can add on additional cover for Dental and other things but it can quickly add up. Katie
  14. KatieLou

    Holidays 2016

    We have booked to go to Bali for 10 Days in Jan. Really looking forward to that as I've always wanted to go but from the UK its very expensive. Hope to visit many places while we are here, especially arounf Asia.