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  1. clairej456

    Finally we can move on to next stage....

    We have also just got passed this stage! Now applying for the visa,the end is in sight!
  2. clairej456

    Visa 189 help please

    hi thank u. the passport arrived today!! So I have submitted the health declaration now on the immi site and we all have HAP ID numbers now, so Im guessing I just go ahead and book our medicals now. Will be doing so tomorrow! The deadline I mean is the date we have to have everything submitted by (31st Oct) its just I cant find anywhere to upload our documents or is it staring right at me!! I will keep searching about the job!! thank u for the help xx
  3. clairej456

    Visa 189 help please

    Thank you so much for the replies and advice. I'm feeling pretty stressed now with it all and rushing about gathering everything! I thought I was organised until I realised my new born doesn't have a passport and we need her details for the forms hoping it arrives soon! Can't apply for the medicals without it. We have both just finished filling out the form 80. So I submit my online visa app and health declaration alongside all of the required documents by the deadline or do u have extra time to attach documents? I'm still unsure about my employment and whether to send lots of information if I'm not claiming points for this thanks everyone x
  4. clairej456

    Visa 189 help please

    Hi there, I have just been invited to apply for visa 189. I am confused about a few things so be nice please ) So I have started to fill in the online form, the online 'health declarations' form, the form 80 (me and my partner have done this) and also the health form that we take to our medical. I just have a few questions! * once I have submitted the health declarations online form will it then give me the ID so I can book medicals? * evidence of relationship so far I have a few letters in both names, photos, that's all so far. Did anyone get statements from family/friends? * I am not claiming for points on my work experience but do I still need to include evidence of job, reference etc or not if I am not proving the points for this ? * and finally who can certify documents? thanks for any help with these questions )
  5. clairej456


    I did my test 16th July and test results were put on hold due to an investigation until a couple of days ago. Luckily I passed finally! Eoi in good luck with your results
  6. clairej456


    I am also awaiting test results. It's been nearly 3 weeks of waiting so far and still no information or updates.no one knows anything about how long it will take or what is actually going on. Ielts is a joke. Is it worth just re sitting it
  7. clairej456

    class 1 hgv driver

    Hi all, so which licence do you think my OH needs to get here so he can do some driving jobs in oz, is it class 1, or do you do a few different ones? Claire
  8. clairej456

    class 1 hgv driver

    hi i am going to follow this !! my other half is going through the process here of taking his hgv test and we not sure of what will happen when we move. do you have to retake tests there? thanks
  9. clairej456

    Ahpra application

    Ok thank you for the reply. I am slowly getting there with it all! For the CPD what do we actually have to provide for that as I cannot find any information on their website, unless I have missed it somehow ! Claire x
  10. clairej456

    Ahpra application

    I'm just starting mine also so this all may come in handy! Does any one know....for the cv where u have to list your skills , do you just put a list of do you have to provide a certificate for each thing as I have done a lot of training but don't have a certificate for them. Thanks
  11. clairej456

    AHPRA application

    As far as I am aware you can apply to aphra before you get anmac x
  12. clairej456

    APHRA CV help !!

    Thank you for the replies. I think I may have to just put in it what I can and just hope for the best! Although there is a lot of information on their site some parts are still really unclear so without the help of these groups I would be totally stuck! I will carry on until the next hurdle )
  13. clairej456

    APHRA CV help !!

    Hi there i am at the beginning of the APHRA process and so far haven't got past doing my CV! I am just wondering if anyone can help please. For the section were they require details of clinical/procedural do you have to provide a certificate for each listed thing. I work in ICU and do a lot of clinical things on a daily basis however I do not have a certificate to say I can do each thing. I included mandatory training here also but again we just attend training but do not actually get a certificate for each thing. Is is anyone else in the same situation as me who can give any advice ! Thanks Claire
  14. clairej456

    IELTS remark, 'Enquiry on Results'

    Hi there I asked for a re mark but for me came back as the same, very annoying as more money wasted. But it is maybe worth a try considering some people do get there marks changed. I got the 7's now I need 8's for visa points Claire
  15. clairej456


    I have just completed my top up to degree and passed so I am awaiting certificate. I applied to anmac ages ago however it was put on hold due to the changes and them saying I need aphra to say I am eligible before they begin to process it. How do I get them to prove I am eligible, Do I need to apply to aphra first ? Help !!! Thanks x