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    Nurses Thread!

    Yea I would advise just to apply as soon as you have your uk pin in place I applied in jan, finally got approved 10 days or so ago. I think things are going faster now, I just would recommend being safer than sorry. The last 4 month here in Perth have been so stressful I wouldn't wish that on anyone!
  2. Miamai


    really? She can ask for a call back and say she wants to talk to her? Oh gosh I don't know, they all say different things - I'm sorry!
  3. Miamai


    Yea she should call them, and try to speak to her case worker, fingers crossed for good news!!
  4. Miamai


    That means it's sitting with the panel to make sure the qualifications and everything are all ok. Has she called them recently? They are so vague and I had so many different answers off them, it drove me mad!
  5. Miamai


    I would recommend you call and email them. I sent my application off in January and have just had my reg approved. I called and emailed on a frequent basis (because I'm a bit of a control freak) so that I was aware of what stage my application was at. Hope you hear something soon!
  6. Miamai

    Cake bakers!

    They look amazing!
  7. Miamai


    Hi, I'm in the exact same position. I am a mental health degree nurse, applied in January - my info is in Sydney and with senior staff/a panel. I spoke to my case worker a few weeks ago who have me a time frame - which should soon be ending! So I have my fingers crossed!
  8. Miamai

    Roast dinner

    I just made one Yorkshire puddings and all - I'd never made one before but needs must!!
  9. Miamai


    I only eat crunchie bars here. I hate being a chocolate snob, but unfortunately I am one of those that gets excited and bulk buys British made chocolate!
  10. Miamai

    Shopping-women's clothes sizes

    Some shops I have been in show the uk size and the Aus size, they have always correlated
  11. I wish I had applied to another office! The hr department of the hospital I am going to be working with is going to help me out now too! Thank goodness!! Good luck to you too!
  12. AHPRA might want a letter from where you trained too. I've not needed it as of yet, but my registration has been under assessment for 5 -6 weeks. I am very frustrated!
  13. I flew with Singapore and wanted to bring an additional 15kg, they quoted me just over £620. Needless to say I didn't take the case as my flight was only £638!!
  14. Miamai

    Forums on Mobile

    I have an iPhone which is usually on silent - so I'm not loads of help. I get a push notification though - so I imagine sounds come too!
  15. Miamai

    Forums on Mobile

    Haha no, I found it by accident!