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  1. frosties

    Leaving a child behind

    Forgot to mention we could only get one years extension on his visa so if he hadn't come back by August this year he would have had to go through his own visa application if he wanted to return for good.
  2. frosties

    Leaving a child behind

    We were in your position beginning of last year. We had until the end of Feb to arrive in Perth before our visa ran out and our then 19 year old son had been adamant that he wasn't coming with us - I managed to persuade him to come by saying that as parents we couldn't leave him, it would never sit well with us but he could leave us, he could come out for a few months and then return to the UK if he wanted. He agreed! He stayed for about 7 months then went back as missed his mates (just turned 20 then) he spent 6 months in a crappy job staying with a friend, spent all his money partying/concerts and realised he needed to be with us so came back!! He's giving it another go and is a lot more positive and I think a bit more mature. It was still hard letting him go and so good having him back. It's a huge emotional rollercoster - it's not easy when their 18+ - good luck it will all work out, sometimes it's best not to over think things. Xx
  3. frosties

    demand for trades

    Hi, we moved over in March, my OH is a painter & decorator, it seems he was very lucky and landed a casual job advertised on Gumtree within 6 weeks and in July he was offered a full time permanent contract. But speaking to other casual workers and other trades you can end up working for a few dodgy people before finding a genuine employer. I believe it is quieter across all the trades and the hourly rates have dropped. As for plastering a friend who's a plasterer came over and worked for someone for a year and then went out on his own, he seems to be doing ok. But do not be under any illusion that it's a slower pace for work over here because if anything it's faster and you are expected to get a lot done in a day and get used to early mornings. Best of luck! :smile2:
  4. frosties

    Are you moving to Australia in 2015

    We land in Perth on Sunday house packed up today crate goes tomorrow, we go Saturday.....excited but knackered!!
  5. frosties

    Garden Furniture in the crate...

    We're in two minds abouth bring the garden table and chairs (not wooden). We will declare them as cleaned but has anyone brought theirs over and it's caused a delay in the furniture being delivered as held up by quarantine? I think we should leave it but OH thinks we should bring it!
  6. frosties

    Quarantine Inspection Costs.

    That seems a hefty fee, i thought it was $480 for a 20ft container plus any charges for cleaning. Are you also paying them to deliver your consignment?
  7. frosties

    top tips for shops please

    We're shipping everything
  8. frosties

    meet new friends

    Hi we will be over 1st March, in our 40s, OH is a painter/decorator and I'm Secretary/Admin, with a 15 (nearly 16) year old daughter and 19 year old son who will only be with us until August then moving back to UK to be with girlfriend. Will be hoping to rent Kinross or surrounding areas. We know a couple of people NOR but the whole journey is about meeting and making new friends. Would love to meet up sometime in March. Tracey and Lee
  9. frosties


    I would feel the same as your dad, Australia is the same as any other country with a minority of people that will prey on the trusting and innocent.
  10. frosties

    so sad

    Why...? They must have sick minds and I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around!!!
  11. Thanks everyone. I did manage to find Burswood car rentals they leave the car in the car park for an extra fee of $30 but I have also managed to change my flights with no charges so we arrive in the afternoon. But other than the drop off fee they didn't seem too expensive, very good reviews.
  12. I've finally booked our tickets this morning but somehow have cocked up the times we now arrive Perth 1.30 in the morning and all the car rental places are closed from 2am til 6am..... any ideas, I wont be very popular if we have to hang around the airport until 6. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated
  13. frosties


    Sorry you've had a bad experience, but don't feel silly, loopylauren is right these people are very clever and have no conscience. Hope something better comes up for you.
  14. Thank you everyone. We did have a major wobble yesterday but still going ahead as I know we would regret it in a couple of months. We will be realistic about getting work and won't expect to fall into the perfect job but need to keep those positive thoughts to help it happen. Thanks again (will be handing in my notice at work today:err:)