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  1. Bristle

    Thai airways

    Quick update on the return flights. Service on both legs was again very good. The movies and TV were the same as before (with one or two additions) so I was starting to struggle for something to watch. Both return flights were below capacity so on the first leg we had a row of four seats to ourselves and the OH was able to lie down to sleep. This also helped when checking in as our bags were slightly overweight (due to my OH deciding that she didn’t have enough shoes and clothes, although she could open a shop with the amount she has, and buying more) but we weren’t charged extra.
  2. Bristle

    VOTING - anyone a Citizen and voting?

    Currently away in UK and will be returning on May 8th. Will have to do a cram session when we get back to get up to speed as this will be our first election since we became citizens.
  3. Bristle

    Thai airways

    Here is how things went. Check-in at PERTH Airport was very quick and got through all the security checks easily. There was a delay of 30mins in boarding but no announcements were made and the departures screen said nothing so a bit of confusion but eventually boarded very quickly. First Flight Cabin crew were polite and helpful. Snacks and drinks were served early in the flight and then main meal. If wanting wine ask for a couple of glasses as only pour a small measure. OH had booked “bland” option for food and had chicken, mashed potato and green beans for main course. The normal option was chicken curry with rice or beef with potato gratin. Soft drinks were brought around during the flight and alcohol could be asked for. Entertainment was OK and, although I had seen some of the films, there was plenty to view. Bangkok Airport transfer only a short stop but did not enjoy the experience as over 30 degrees and no aircon in the airport. After walking from the plane drop off through to transfer lounge were drenched and felt uncomfortable until we were able to board the second flight. Second Flight Again there was a delay in boarding, with no announcements, but we boarded quickly so weren’t too late in leaving. Service was the same as first flight so no complaints. First meal “bland” option was salmon with rice. Main options were Chicken Thai green curry or a pork stew. Wine served by half measure again. Same entertainment as first flight but managed to keep ourselves occupied. Plane was darkened for large part of flight so people could sleep but extra drinks available on request. Breakfast: Bland option was fish with potato balls, main option was hash brown, pork sausage and omelette. Heathrow Airport Disembarked quickly and then reached immigration. Use your UK passport if possible as the non-EU line was horrendous. When we reached the luggage reclaim there were piles of luggage from other flights awaiting collection. They also started to make a pile of luggage awaiting people from our flight. Overall the trip was not bad and the flight were OK. We saved $600pp on the whole trip so can’t complain. Flight service was good and we have travelled with Emirates and Singapore before. Due to the price saving it was worth it for us (apart from Bangkok Airport). Hope this helps.
  4. Bristle

    Thai airways

    Flying back to the UK with them next Wednesday, if you can wait I’ll let you know how it goes.
  5. Have 2 tickets for her Day on the Green concert in South Perth on March 9th. Gold tickets in AAMI Lucky club seated area. PM if interested, can deliver to Metro area.
  6. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Thanks, hope all is well with you.
  7. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Citizenship ceremony invite received for Australia Day. 13 months from application to ceremony.
  8. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    My application updated to “approved” today, now the wait for our ceremony invite.
  9. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    OH and I had the test on Monday. She got 95% and I got 100%. Her application was approved the same day but I am still waiting.
  10. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    It's also due to processing of applications being halted for six months when they were trying to change the length of PR required and making the English test harder which didn't get through Parliament. People were still allowed to apply creating a huge backlog. Not worried about the test as have tried some sample ones. Will read through the necessary info nearer the time.
  11. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Received our test dates on Tuesday, 8 months and 1 day after application.
  12. Bristle

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    The website is saying that processing from lodgement to ceremony takes 14 months in 75% of cases and 17 months in 90%. I have seen recently that someone from Darwin completed their citizenship in 7 months so there seems to be no real system as people who lodged earlier are still awaiting a test appointment.We lodged at the end of December and are awaiting a test date.
  13. Bristle

    Pink Concert Tickets

    I have 2 tickets for the Pink concert on Wednesday July 4th for sale if anyone is interested. General Admission Standing.
  14. Bristle

    Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    If you are able to sleep on a plane it might not be too bad, we only managed a small amount of sleep. We arrived into Heathrow at 5.30am and after collecting our hire car travelled to our home town arriving just after 9.00am. We had a few things to do and managed to get most done in the first day. We met family in the evening and got to bed about 11.00pm. The funeral was the next day and we lasted until 8.30pm before having to go to bed. On the third day we managed to catch up with one friend and finish the things we needed to do before a family meal in the evening. We then travelled back the next day. Three days flew by and both of us didn't feel too jet lagged. The flight back seemed to drag and the jet lag really hit us once we were back in Perth. On reflection we would probably look to do a one stop flight in future, even if only a short stop, to break up the journey. At times we were looking at our watches and realising there were several hours to go. With a stop you can break the journey into smaller time segments in your head. 9 days may be tough to get a lot done but it all depends on how well things are planned.
  15. Bristle

    Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    Just had to do return flight for a family funeral. Outbound trip on Monday was 17hrs 20min and return was 15hrs 45mins. Seats were not bad with plenty of legroom, had an extra seat for return so even more room. Food was alright with 3 main courses and plenty of snacks and drinks. Only one hot option for breakfast so if you like omelettes, great. Cabin crew were great on both legs of the journey. We had a short three day trip so found two long journeys without a break to be very tiring. Would consider using it again if we had a longer turn around time.