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  1. Apparently there is going to be a $150 million 15 storey tower development housing a new hotel, multi-screen cinema, bars and restaurants.
  2. A big thank you from us as well. Good to meet new people and sorry to miss others who could not make it.
  3. Let us know as that's the one we'll probably try for.
  4. You'd better +1 me as the OH is coming along to make sure I don't make another social Faux pas.
  5. I'm beginning to think I'm not wanted. I added to the bottom of your last list and now I've disappeared.
  6. Looking forward to it.
  7. Once you activate the visa you can stay or have a holiday and leave. We stayed as we were ready for the move and didn't need to go back to UK.
  8. Good luck with everything. It was good to meet you on Saturday.
  9. I would expect to pay one months rent in advance and the same again as the bond. Unless there are lots of people after the property you are paying a lot of money up front when it could be used for better things. If you experience any problems you may have trouble getting any money back.
  10. Raising a glass or two as we celebrate landing in Perth 3 years ago.
  11. Identities are being withheld to protect the innocent.
  12. Still hope people will come or we might be only be saving a small table for everyone to sit around.
  13. All done electronically.
  14. Hi, On a different thread she suggested Saturday 26th November.