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  1. Keith

    Work for plumbers

    Hi Rob, ive been plumbing /Gas fitting for nearly 2 years in Perth, You should have no probs getting a job once your out here because of your training back ground, they will be keen so dont panic. If you get in touch with M.P.A maylands they are always running course's and you can claim a percentage back on your tax return were as Challanger you cant! Be ready to stump around $7000 on your tickets some will come back to you tho, If you P.M me ill send you some Contacts to try!
  2. Keith

    Time to go!!

    Yes i definately have craved the food. The one thing i have missed and will probably be the first meal when we get back will be a proper full english breakfast with proper bacon and sausage .
  3. Keith

    Time to go!!

    Yes we will have been here 2 years by the time we leave. We feel we have had a brilliant adventure but it has been just that and now its time to go home. Thank you, we are looking forwars to getting back so much now. Its funny the things that make you realise that life is better at home. Home is where the heart is as they say.
  4. Keith

    Time to go!!

    Thanks everyone, we are all really excited to get home now. It is mainly friends and family but we do actually miss the UK too, it made us realise how much we do love home. We are glad we can say we have experienced living in another country and it has been lovely but its definately not where we want to be long term.
  5. Keith

    Time to go!!

    Thank you. Yes we have and we are very glad we did it, no regrets at all x
  6. Keith

    Time to go!!

    Well we have made the decision to move back home. Although its a beautiful place its just not home and we don't see our future being here. Since having our 2nd daughter we feel like the kids are missing out on so much there are family members she has never met, places our eldest went to that i feel our youngest should go to. We miss life long friends that know you inside out, we have made friends here but its not the same i just want to be back with friends and family and feel like i belong. I just dont belong here as much as we have enjoyed it, its made us realise that what we had wasn't that bad at home and financially we will be better off at home too. We will be going back with fresh eyes and a greater appreciation of the UK as a whole. Michelle & Keith
  7. Keith

    Any thoughts on Attadale / Bicton?

    We live in Attadale and before that we lived in Bicton our daughter goes to Bicton PS and she loves it. It is an excellent school has good rep Attadale PS is also excellent and one of the best in WA i believe. There is a local shopping centre with supermarket, banks, chemist, hairdressers some clothes shops etc. Petrol station nearby close to the river easy to get to places. We are very happy here the rents are good at the moment as there is plenty of them about at the moment. Hope the move goes well good luck. Michelle
  8. Keith

    15 months in!

    Thank you so much. Yes im sure I will always feel homesick at times, we have not been back to UK for a visit yet hopefully next year we will make it back. I do often wonder whether I will call Perth home as i always refer to the UK as home maybe that will come in time. Yes we do love it here in Attadale we are lucky to live in such a lovely area. Our daughter is at Bicton PS as we were originally in Bicton and then didnt want to move her when we moved to Attadale as she has settled so well and made friends, but Bicton is a lovely school she loves it. It is amazing how time passes here but I will keep up with the updates and keep everyone posted as I know how comforting it is to read peoples updates when you are making the move yourself. Michelle x
  9. Keith

    15 months in!

    I think its quite normal to panic as it gets closer to going i know i did. The first year has been hard at times but it has been worth it. Things are starting to get a lot easier now, it does take time to settle properly but it will happen. Good luck with it all. Michelle
  10. Keith

    15 months in!

    Well its been ages since we posted anything on here. We have been so busy and its amazing how time goes by here!! We have settled in Attadale been here 9 mths now and love it. Its really quiet with lots of families. Our daughter is enjoying school and has settled really well, she has really come out of her shell and become so much more confident she has learnt to swim and is just enjoying being here. Keith has a new job and is enjoying that and we also welcomed our 2nd daughter on New years eve so its been a busy time for us. Im not going to lie ive had moments of homesickness especially when i was pregnant but it passes and we had visitors from home when the baby was born so that was lovely. We still feel lucky to live here and in such a lovely place we still have those pinch yourself moments when we are at the river and the sun is shining its a great lifestyle especially for kids. We have no regrets and are so pleased we did it i just hope we keep on loving life here i suppose no one knows what the future holds but for the time being we are very happy. Michelle and Keith
  11. Keith

    Lots for sale by 19/6/15

    That is brilliant that your children have been able to go back to their school, we wish you all the luck in the world for your move back :smile2: Michelle and Keith x
  12. Keith

    Visa granted !!!!!!!

    Congratulations! !! Best feeling ever
  13. Keith

    We are here finally!

    All those ielts were definately worth it now, I still cant belive we are here. We were at the beach today and we both said I just cant believe we live here now. We sorted Medicare today too so another thing ticked off. Just tfn now and then driving licence and need to buy a car not found any yet though. Well il keep u all updated as we go.
  14. Keith

    We are here finally!

    Well after a long time of planning we arrived in Perth Friday 23 Jan. The flight was long and tiring and our daughter was bit sick when we started the decent into Perth and its taken her few days to get over but she is absolutely fine now I think the new toh kitchen helped and few other bits from Toys R us ha. We are renting a place in Bicton that a family member has sorted out for us allowing us time to have good look around and see where were want to settle we are not tied into rental agreement so its great for us at moment. We have got new phone each on contract with international calls so that was brilliant as we both needed new phones. We have bought tv, washing machine takin forms back for medicare tomorrow and need to sort tfn number too. We have a hire car for 2 wks and keith is going to have a look at 2 cars today see if they any good to buy. Keith starts work on Monday so its all been busy. We have enjoyed every min so far we sat by the river on Australia day and watched the fireworks and just couldn't believe we are finally here seems so surreal. Well il keep you posted with it all, if anyone on their travels soon good luck its tiring but so worth it. Michelle & Keith x?
  15. Keith


    People who do things like that to genuine folk like yourself are just pond life! rise above it and get back on the job hunt trail and don't let them ruin your dream!