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    Break Lease - Available NOW - Mindarie

    Great looking house. And Mindarie is a great suburb. Much cheaper than we were paying in Woodvale. Goodluck JustyH.
  2. duffieldtowers

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    My wife's parent came for a month, lasted 3 days. Hillarys was "dirty" (a fly attacked him). He sat in drovers with napkins on his head and down his collar (flies again). He tried to eat a cream cake at Hangover Bay whilst wearing a fly net.... didn't end well. Came again, managed 5 days with us, then moved far far away.... Now they are coming to live here.... Good luck.
  3. duffieldtowers

    Building a new home

    We should be at practical completion in the next two weeks. Nearly a year in construction.... you can follow along at home here http://www.duffieldtowers.com - only a few gotchas so far.
  4. duffieldtowers

    moving to perth

    Plenty of rentals right now. NOR anyway. Jobs are not as plentiful so expect to work hard on finding the opportunities and then grab them. Welcome home
  5. duffieldtowers

    Good suburbs in the north

    Add Woodvale to that list as well... All good "middle class" suburbs. We sent Emily to a private school in Edgewater as Kingsley wasn't in the catchment area for Woodvale.
  6. We were in Kingsley and now Woodvale. Its ben great to us. I want to live coastal so we are building way up north. - Woodvale is a great older suburb, we live on the local Christmas street where they actually do bus tours! In a great house with a pool. The school has a brilliant reputation. Sure you will love it.
  7. Count us in....Laura, we are in Woodvale, until September anyway. Nice suburb.
  8. duffieldtowers

    Anyone from Ocean reef ?

    We are just up the road in Woodvale, often in Ocean Reef. Mullaloo is great, the beach is a magnet for families and the Mullaloo Beach Hotel is great for young folks. I'm more empty beach so we are building in Alkimos Beach (See http://www.duffieldtowers.com) - The roads south to the city, Michell Freeway, Marmion and Wanneroo are all busy. We are currently one junction closer than Ocean Reef, depending on the time, for me to drive to Pier Street / Hay Street as I do most morning, anything from 25 minutes to an hour... Good luck.
  9. I know what you mean. We've made some good friends from sites like Poms In Perth on Facebook, although they kicked off the personalities. If you make it as far north as Woodvale, we are always up for a catch up. wife 47, me 50, daughter 17 and rarely seen. We've also, and I feel I can tell you this as my new BFF, but it is a secret, we sort of gave up on soccer and are now members at the Fremantle Dockers.... there, I said it. Ha Ha/
  10. duffieldtowers

    First post to say Hi everyone

    I came (from Cheshire, Macclesfield) in 2011 on a 457, quit a job with 27 years service and a C level role.... to start here as an account manager. I had to do the two years as my degree wasn't aligned to my role - ICT Sales Rep. We got PR, became citizens in November and have worked myself onto the ops board of Australia's largest technical and process training business (DDLS since you asked).... I was aware of all the risks....BUT that just makes you more committed to make it work. Only regret? We were stitched up by my brother in law, cost me a lot of money, and didn't buy a house straight away. Currently building up north.... follow along here http://www.duffieldtowers.com
  11. Father in law demanded to know why no one thinks about him. He was 65. A lot of our friends disappeared or distanced themselves. We even got deleted from Facebook as the chap hated to see our new life. The friendships that remain are stronger. Don't do high maintenance friends. Good luck, see you on the other side.
  12. duffieldtowers

    House Building Queries - Open Thread

    We opted for a builder build. Plunketts, up in Alkimos Beach. Blocks are small, but costal. Designed the house for us to get older in rather than for a family, cos I'm ancient at 50 and daughter knows it all at 17 Please feel free to check out Duffield Towers 2.0 FB page to follow the progress. Oh and feel free to like the page
  13. duffieldtowers

    Having complete meltdown!!!!!

    I came at 45 in 2011, that was the cut of age. I've had some success and not one regret. I didn't have kids left back in the UK, but what are doing is giving them options, short term pain, long term gain. Good luck. If I can help, let me know.
  14. duffieldtowers

    Worst forum ever

    What I've learnt in Perth, is, its not what, but who you know. Just keep that in mind, if you blot your copy book, its around the terrace before you can say tossed.
  15. Me and current Mrs D would love to come. After four years, its time to find a friend, special friend