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  1. Sh1988

    Electrical Skills Assessment

    Hi, my partner is a plumber we are now living in Perth, we used the down under centre I would definitely recommend them. They were so helpful the agent who dealt with my partner is called Nikki chilvers she is fantastic. Hope this feedback helps
  2. Sh1988

    Young couple from Hull

    We are quite lucky we are staying with my godparents in meadow springs we have some friends here already. Last time we were in perth we went to the print works which was really nice. I can't wait to get there now. My parents are retired they are coming over for 2 months in December which will be great. Not looking forward to saying goodbyes to friends and family though x
  3. Sh1988

    Young couple from Hull

    Hi, thanks for tm your reply, we came on holiday Jan 2015 for 2 weeks to make sure we both liked it then when we returned back to the UK we started the process! We would be happy travelling into the city to meet up
  4. Sh1988

    Young couple from Hull

    Hi me and my partner are flying out to perth on the 13th May we are super excited! We also are taking our dog freddie with us he goes on the 11th May and we are reunited on the 22nd May ☺. Are you already living in perth? We will be living in meadow springs and would like to meet up and make some new friends sarah & dan
  5. Sh1988

    Hows Perth doin ?

    We are arriving the 14th May, me & my partner will be looking for jobs once we arrive. We are stopping with my god parents when we first get there in meadow springs near mandurah : ) Fingers crossed the exchange rate goes up a little, im kicking myself we didnt exchange when it was 2 dollars to the pound!
  6. Sh1988

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Ive set up an account i will upload my documents to get everything in place ready for our move.
  7. Sh1988

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    we haven't set up an account yet with yourselves. I would definitely like to speak to someone. I worried if we come out the EU what will happen with rate then?
  8. Sh1988

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Hi, Me & partner are moving on the 13th may we are wanting to exchange 35000 sterling into dollars in our anz account, i'm slightly worried about the rate. Is the forecast for it to drop even more we have ours funds sat in our UK account. We are just unsure when to exchange it. Thanks Sarah
  9. Sh1988

    Visa granted !!!

    Congratulations pegg. We are still waiting hopefully we will be next
  10. Sh1988


    Thanks for your reply i will have a look on the website
  11. Sh1988


    Hi does anyone know any details on how to get WA plumbing license?
  12. Sh1988

    Waiting Game!!!!

    We are waiting too...... really hoping it comes through this week! We want to move as soon as possible ☺
  13. Sh1988

    pet transport

    Thanks for the information i will contact Pet air i prefer to fly to melbourne to pick freddie up and fly him back with me for sure .
  14. Sh1988

    pet transport

    Hi my name is sarah,we are hopefully coming out mid April/may we are waiting for our visa to come through. We are flying out our boston terrier I'm nervous too, although he is a very chilled out dog I'm still dreading it. We are using pet air they have been great so far, I'm not sure which airline will be transporting him from melbourne to perth. He is flying out with Qantas.
  15. Sh1988

    Vetassess Plumbing

    Hi, We are hoping to go to WA, we have friends in mandurah so ideally would like to be around there. My partner dan has been a qualified plumber for 8years +, what are the wage like in WA? Would you be able to give me some feeback after you have done you're practical on the 23rd. thanks