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    4 months in and still no work

    Well mate did you not make enquiries about your tickets before you came over. Never mind it would not have really helped you. I am from the UK and came in 1980 and did a 3.5 yrs apprenticeship with the Victorian SEC and was issued with Rigging 1234+6 and Scaffolding 1&2 worked until 1996 as a rigger here there and everywhere and then went back to the UK and was employed by BT as an advanced communications rigger for 17yrs till November last year. I came back to WA and my tickets are not recognised any longer as new issues by Worksafe are now the only tickets you can work with. Your pissed off how do you think I feel when my tickets were Australian to begin with. It is all a big con to get you to go to an RTO Registered Training Organisation to pay them to site the test for Rigging Basic/Intermediate or Advanced. You can be a window cleaner street cleaner anything you want to be and go and pay your money to the RTO of your choice and if you pass the weeks course you are a licence RIGGER what a joke. Now mate I attended these courses and paid thousands to get my Australian Rigging tickets re issued and you are going to have to do the same if you want to work in this industry. There is still plenty of rigging work about if you are willing to go out and look for it. FiFo/Agency rigging and even on Gumtree you can pick up the work. But as a previous person said to you (keep your mouth shut about you prior experience and knowledge) best to follow for a while not lead. Good luck mate and any help I can give just drop me a line.
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    Has anybody had a Crimsafe safety door fitted and how much does it cost. Is it just like a normal fly wire door in front of your main front door. Could anybody recommend an approved installer or can you fit it yourself as I am very handy on the building side of things. Thanks
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    Thanks for the replies. Strange here as back home as you very well probably know you register with your local GP and you are usually with them for years if not for life. You can't really register with a local GP here you just see anybody. O well mustn't grumble a just get on with it.
  4. boab

    Conveyancing fees

    Hi all I have just made an offer on a 2 bed villa and had it accepted. Would anybody know how much I am looking at for the solicitor to do the conveyancing for this type of thing. I paid 468.000 if this has anything to do with the cost or is it just a set fee I am looking at. Advice appreciated once again.
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    Thanks for that.
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    Hi all does anybody know a doctor in or around the scarborough area that Bulk Bills. Thanks
  7. Hi all I have been in Perth for 5 months now but do not have private health cover. I have got a problem with one of my fingers and it is called Dupuytren's contracture. This is a bending of the finger and eventually it has to be operated on. Advice on good health cover would be appreciated that would help me cover this condition and also do you have to be covered for a period of time before you can use the cover. I am unable to see the doctor of my choice as he will only see private patients and will not take payment up front for the procedure from me which I find odd. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  8. boab

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    I would book into an Airbnb for a couple of weeks mate and have a look around there are loads of rentals here and that is what I did and picked up a nice place in Scarborough on Gumtree straight away. Good luck
  9. Hi, is the Whale and Ale pub in Clarkson area. If so I may pop down myself
  10. boab


    This is not looking good for me is it! I probably like the only salami that is not imported to this bloody place just my luck A! I will have to live in hope and see if somebody comes across it one day. It is lovely stuff though and I do miss a Saturday night watching Match of The Day and munching on my favourite delicacy. Merry Christmas to all xx
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    Well thanks to all who tried to help me with finding this salami but still have NOT been able to locate any. I will be having a sad time over Christmas if I can't get my hands on any. I will keep looking though and if any body does locate any PLEASE let me know. Merry Christmas to all xx
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    Thanks for that advice.
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    Hi all. I am missing my favourite salami which is called Spianata Calabrese Fiorucci. It is delicious but have tried google but unable to find a place in Perth that stocks this product. Has anybody heard of this product and where I can get hold of some... Huuuuum lovely stuff it is.
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    Hi, can anybody tell me the process of going to see a doctor. Do you have to register with a local doctor just as you have to in the UK I am not sick thank god just a sore throat but started to think if it was any worse what do I do. Thanks Mark
  15. boab

    FiFo Advice

    Thanks guys for this feedback but I don't want people on this site falling out over this. I just wanted to know what it is like on these sites and what is the best way forward for me to get a foot in the door that at the present time seems to be well and truly shut. I am single and have a whit card High Risk Work Licence RA EWP and a HR driving license. I have just done a couple of days Dogging on sites in the city and that went well. I will keep looking in the mining sector but it looks like it will be in the New Year till anything if at all comes along. Once again thanks for the insight.