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  1. Scott C

    Calling all great hairdressers

    Elfie if you happen to be in Northern suburbs, go see Sophia at The Source, Joondalup, guarantee you'll not be disappointed. Check out thesourcehairdressing.com.au
  2. Scott C

    Recommendations for a shipping company

    Anglo Pacific were brilliant when we moved here, were very professional and never broke a single thing.
  3. Scott C

    Hello poms!!

    Doubt you'll have any problem getting a job here mate, nice area to move to as well. we've lived in both Jindalee and Quinns Rock, won't go far wrong. Good luck with visas.
  4. Scott C

    4 months in and still no work

    Yes, its not easy getting started here, especially at the moment,it took me years to get the job i now have and love, worked for some right Tossers along the way!
  5. Scott C

    4 months in and still no work

    Hello Scott Have you tried LinkForce mate? they are always looking for staff, only problem is, its all FIFO shutdown work, but if you get your WA riggers tickets, you'll get a better hourly rate, probably $46 p/h. Alternatively, there is SkillForce, ATIVO and Skilled. Good luck. Scott
  6. Scott C


    Hi the source hairdressing in joondalup is by far the best in perth, and london trained! Go see sophia.
  7. A great opportunity has arisen, at The Source Hairdressing Joondalup, for a Senior Stylist to join our Multi award winning team. We only use the environmentally sustainable AVEDA products, which are up to 98% naturally derived...... so no harsh chemicals. A minimum of 8 years experience is required in both Ladies and Gents cutting, and colouring. Training will be provided on the AVEDA products for the successful candidate. If interested, contact Sophia by email at: thesource06@gmail.com Thanks.
  8. Scott C

    Perth Poms business owners.

    Apparently its illegal to rent a chair in a salon in WA. Just asked my wife.
  9. Scott C

    Golf society

    Ok mate will do. Thanks for that.
  10. Scott C

    2009 MAZDA 6 For Sale

    Selling a fantastic Mazda 6 in dark metallic grey. My wife is the only owner as bought brand new. Done 134,000 kms, in excellent condition. Its automatic, 3 months rego and drives lovely. Gutted to be selling it if honest. Will take $14,000 Cheers Scott
  11. Scott C

    Golf society

    Cheers Wayne Not Irish though, do they let anyone play or have you got to be a paddy?
  12. Scott C

    Perth Poms business owners.

    My wife Sophia has her own Hair salon in Joondalup called The Source. It is the only 5 star salon in the northern suburbs, the service you get is 2nd to none, the products are AVEDA, which are 99% organic. She trained in London, and worked in Harvey Nichols. If your after a decent haircut, PM me
  13. Good to know there are others that struggle too!!! I honestly thought it was just me and I've been here nearly 9 years. Made a few friends, just hard to make those friendships like back home. most of my friends here work on mines, so just end up losing touch. It will happen for us all, just got to be patient i suppose!!!!!!!
  14. Scott C

    Which internet provider to go for?

    iinet. Avoid Telstra like the plague.
  15. Scott C

    Hairdresser NOR

    Try the Source in Joondalup. Absolutely brilliant. Only 5 star salon in northern suburbs too. London girl worked in Harvey Nichols called Sophia owns it. She's the best in Perth some say.