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  1. zoe009

    Kwianana Freeway

    I better look at a different route thanks for your replies.
  2. We currently live in Jarrahadale and are thinking about renting in Safety Bay, Warnbro or Baldivis area but this would mean using the freeway between 7 and 8am. I have checked a few times on my phone by Google maps to see how long it should take to get to University Curtin in Bentley says around a hour. Does anyone have experience of freeway in the morning also returning at 4pm.
  3. zoe009

    Pet insurance

    Can anyone please recommend a company they have pet insurance with and average costs? I am looking for cover for 4 year old rottie lifetime cover?
  4. zoe009

    Pet sitter for my dog

    I am looking for someone experienced who takes dogs into their home to look after them am in Jarrahdale so I know I will have to travel which is fine.? Its only one night to start with but then I would use them for future holidays.
  5. zoe009

    goodbye uk ...hello perth

    Its its brill when you have someone who knows the area and can give you the information we need. We have been here nearly a week and now have car yippee.
  6. zoe009

    The goodbyes have begun :(

    We arrived on Monday so I rember the goodbyes well. Exciting times ahead.
  7. zoe009

    goodbye uk ...hello perth

    Good luck Kate and look forward to you update. x
  8. zoe009

    Leaving in 2 weeks! Anyone else?!

    One week to go we fly 12th April my waistline can't take anymore!!
  9. zoe009


    Please to hear you can puchase coconut oil I have been reading benefits of the oil.
  10. zoe009


    If you have a iphone there is app that shows you what time sunset and sunrise is and temps. I find it very useful. We are from Laceby near Grimsby, in Lincolnshire and we arrive in Perth in 2 weeks were abouts are you and what stage are you at? Thats just me persuming you are on your way to Perth.
  11. zoe009

    Puchasing Duty Free

    Just had a thought can you buy alcohol in Dubai if it's a dry country?
  12. zoe009

    Today's the day!

    Good luck with your new adventure and please update us with an arrival update as we leave Uk in 2.5 weeks and I love reading the arrival reports.
  13. zoe009

    Puchasing Duty Free

    Thanks for the replies we will buy in Dubai and I will look at Dan Murpheys website. I like my bargains but it wouldn't be a bargain of it was taken of me. Another question it will be Sunday 8pm when we land in Dubai can you but alcohol on a Sunday in Dubai? Would I also be best buying perfume from Dubai duty free?
  14. zoe009

    Puchasing Duty Free

    I am unsure of the duty free rules does anyone have experience : we depart from Manchester land in for our 3 hr stopover in Dubai then we board a different plane to Perth. I am little concerned if I buy my duty free alchol from Manchester I may get it conficasted when boarding the Dubai plane? Were would you suggest I puchase duty free? I am looking to buy Jack Daniels and Vodka, when I visited Perth previously I found it very expensive. Do you know the price of JD and vodka in bottle shops?
  15. zoe009

    Meetups 2015

    Hi we arrive 13th April we will be relatives in byford at the beginning but would love to meet up as we are hoping to rent in rockingham.