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Finest scotch whiskey


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Looks like we've finally got a date to move to oz... Everything going to plan should be May next year. Paul's been putting a couple of bottles away for a special occasion got a collection of malts and blended about 1500 quids worth of the nice stuff... He was hoping to take with us.. Does anybody know if it's worth it for what you pay in tax or should I put him out his misery and tell him to open them and enjoy them here.;)

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The duty free allowance is 2 liters of scotch. In dubai, they should let you buy this and normally pack it and put it in the hold and you collect it with your bags on the conveyor in Perth - I go through dubai a lot including tonight.


Anything above this needs to be declared.


Cigs are another matter. You can only bring in 2 packs. Note, that's packs not cartons.

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