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hi, it took us 8- 9 months but we failed our first skills assessment which added a couple of months onto our time. From start of visa process to visa grant it has cost us around £4500 for our family of 4 (without using agent). Theres a lot more money required for the actual getting there and settling in on the other side though. It is do-able to do the process yourself, do plenty of research first and ask questions on here.

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Nearer £6k for us, I used an agent for the TRA assessment that cost £1.5k. If you do plenty of research then agents are not needed IMO. I did all the legwork, the agent just told me what to do.

My sig below gives my time line although after my IELTS we did nothing for nearly 12 months, from starting TRA to visa grant was around 6 months

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