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Electricity suppliers


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Need some help please.....


Shortly moving into long-term rental and will need to start paying for our own gas and electricity. Trying to find a competitive supplier was pretty straightforward in the UK with all the money-saving websites to choose from. However I'm struggling here in Perth and not sure which way to turn. Can anyone recommend a competitive energy supplier or at least tell me where I can look. I have tried the internet but comparison websites seem few and far between. The one I did find however had little choice; Synergy only!


Cheers, Rob

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Definitely cheaper here. Only had two bills bit the second one was for 2 months and including gst and admin fees it was $60 a month. We were paying about 50 pounds a month in the uk, prices were getting silly!


only had one gas bill so far and it was around $40 for a month in august. Our last dd for the uk was working out at 80 pounds a month and we never had our heating over 19 degrees and only in the bedrooms and living room.

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