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Preparing to Move


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Hello everyone just a quick introduction.


We have been granted our PR and very excited. We will be moving from Zambia. Our biggest issue is that as my son is in his ciritcal shool path career we may leave him behind :(, he currently boards in Pietermaritsburg in South Africa at an all boys school called Michael House.


As you all know teenagers can turn out to be quite rebellious so we trying to avoid that but of course also the fact that rather he finish grade 12 and then do a bridging year here. He is conditioned and knows that he must do a trade and or University here basically any of his tertiary. Our daughter will come with. So I have to get hold of our Migration agent to make sure its okay that my son stays at boarding school and wills till be allowed in and out. My daughter is twelve and that also worries me as if i work all day I do wonder who will supervise her (i dont under parent he he) and although she is also at boarding school as the schools here are terrible! it will be so lovely to have her home but being Portuguese you know what we like when it comes to keeping an eye on the girls!! ha ha.


We have been planning for a while. My brother lives in Ocean Reef and alot of my other family and friends in joondalup, so we have bought a house in Kinross and that is currently rented out.


Otherwise my husband is quite scared of the move as he is now nearly 50 so we have our heads down and trying to save save save, also having our children home with us is the main reason for us to do this and although very late to try and carry on saving for ur pensions that we lost in zim all 20 years worth.


I love reading all your posts and all the humor, your friendliness and humor it so reminds me of Zimbabwe. We grew up and lived there and had to leave lost our pensions savings etc., so a bit sad so Zambia was a stepping stone, it has been very good for us but we so miss having our children with us.


Keep well all and I think you will see my postings and answers once ina while. Thank you and have a good week.



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Hi and welcome to Perth Poms. You will find we are a friendly bunch and happy to help.


Your son will need to activate his visa within the time time limit. So make sure that happens.


There is a big south African population here and others whonhave close connections to Africa - I live in Perth but work in Tanzania.

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Thank you Verystormy. we have all activated our visas and you right we will have to ask for an extension of six months on the PR for my son. Hopefully the agent can help us with that. We also have family freidns in Tanzania currently and they are loving every minute. Have a good rest of the week.

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hi Jules,


welcome to the forum - we might be Perth Poms but there are some saffas on here - me included! My cousins actually went to Michaelhouse :)


we are about to move to Hillarys so not far from Ocean Reef. There is a massive SA/Zim population in the areas NOR, Im sure you will here more Afrikaans than English round here - I certainly do!


any questions just give me a shout if I can help



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