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Skyworks - What a Show


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Our first time at Perths Australia Day Skyworks show and what a brilliant day.


Parked at The Convention Centre which had an all day flat fee of $10. We got there at 12noon to meet friends and it was more or less empty but even going back after 2pm to collect our stuff there was still plenty of spaces left.


Walked to the Jetty Street Barracks for a coffee as our friends hadn't been there yet and like all first timers they were tickled by the large pub on the waterfront that goes by the name of The Lucky Shag!!


Then it was into the CBD for a bite too eat, back to the car for chairs, esky etc arriving at the foreshore and getting a prime spot at 3pm but right upto about 6pm you could still set up camp there.


Once set up we went off for a wander round Langley Park, our friends have young children and couldn't get over that apart from food and drinks everything else was free.

The kids had a great time on the pony and camel rides, at the circus, in the house of fun, the water park, bouncy inflatables, puppet show, watching the dancers and listening to a band.


Us adults enjoyed the horse based shows, the motocross display team, all the different aeroplane flybyes, especially the water bombers and super fast, loud jets.


I loved soaking up the atmosphere, seeing families having fun in the sun, plenty of shade and free water too if required. Where Langley Park sits is right in front of the skyscrapers and apartments and it was great watching all the people having parties on their balconies.


Time past so quickly and before we knew it, it was time to take our front row seats for the fireworks and laser show....well what can I say....just amazing. Everyone was spellbound by them.


A walk back to the car, no major queues just a slight detour from the road we would normally take and back home.


Its a day I would recommend even if you only do it once...


So last year we did our local one the show in Fremantle, that too although on a smaller scale was very good. Next year if we are living as we think we will be anywhere between Rockingham and Mandurah then we will do one of those areas....


Looking forward to it already...

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Agree Fifi it was a brilliant show. I hadn't been since 2001, having been put off by the brawls, drunken fights, alcohol abuse etc, but was talked into it by some friends yesterday. Was impressed with the way the whole crowd behaved and the fun and laughter everywhere. Lots of police prescence, even the mounted police, but they were happy and smiling and getting into the fun action. Only saw one teenager being carried off paraletically drunk to a paddy wagon. A far cry from the scenes of the past and can only assume that enforcing the no booze ban except in designated areas and in small quantities, had a great deal to do with that.


And the fireworks! Well they were amazing - as was the brilliant choice of music chosen to accompany them. We arrived about 6pm after parking easily in the city, and walked down to Langley Park and got a brilliant position about three deep back from the river. Got a tad wet when the water fountains went off, but that all added to the fun of the evening.


Getting home was a tad challenging as every road from the Causeway south was nose to tail, but it was no worse than a normal commute for work and everyone was being careful and polite on the roads.


All in all a great Show - Thank you City of Perth, 94.5fm and Channel 7!

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