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Jobs Mandurah/Bunbury


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Hi All,


My wife and I have been granted our 489 regional sponsored visa, we are moving to Mandurah initially looking for work.


Would like to live in Mandurah or Bunbury area.


I am a Chef with management qualifications, My wife is a finance officer.


Could anyone with help looking for work, i.e. websites,contacts, newspapers, anything please?


Any advice is gratefully appreciated.




Greig and Tracey

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Hi Greig, I would think there may be more chef work down in the Bunbury area than Mandurah but not sure about work for your wife. My hubby is a chef and has been looking on Seek and there are plenty of jobs but if you are restricted to regional areas then it may be a bit more challenging. I am not sure of any newspapers /websites that advertise in the bunbury area but Im sure there are some.

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tell me about it, its a long and stressful process but it will be worth it at the other end. I'm sure you will find work, my husband is going to do some temping for an agency just til he finds something more permanent when we arrive. I'm a pastry chef but won't be looking for work until kids are settled. Good luck

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He hasn't registered yet as we aren't going until may but when we were on our working holiday a few years ago we did agency work for Pinnacle People in Perth. Maybe contact then and ask what the jobs situation is like in Mandurah?

We have booked a house up north in Ridgewood for the first 4 weeks until we find where we want to live. How about you?

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