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Looking at places to stay in Perth


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We are heading to Perth in July and August yo activate our visa and are staying for 3 blocks of time ranging from 10 days to 5 days. We have a 3 and 6 year old in tow!


If we wanted to explore Perth really well, which locations would people recommend? We currently live in a fairly rural location in the UK so wouldnt really suit slap bang in the city but the river area looks wonderful!


I like the look of Mandurah, fremantle, bunbury and binningup..would this give us a good start?

Also we arrive at 4 am so don't want to travel too far on the first day! I'm so amazed at the size of the area...where do we start???


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I can't really offer much help, we stayed at the Crown hotel in Perth the last time we were there on holiday and it was nice, overlooking the river with a pool on the roof. We are arriving at midnight when we move over so have booked a 2 bedroom apartment (we have a 3 and a 7 year old) near the airport called 'Airport Apartments by Verrandah' for when we arrive as we won't be able to get into our holiday rental until the next day. Its not easy finding hotels that sleep 4 people!

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Well, bunbury is a fair way from the other locations.


Are these the places you are thinking of moving to? If so, then i would check out which is the more likely - Freo is great but very expensive for housing.


I would ultimatly stay where you think it is more likely you will move to as it will give you a good feel for the area

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Thanks for the replies! We're really not sure where we would want to live...depends on where I can get a job! We have decided to base ourselves in the Rockingham area for 5 days, bunbury for a few nights to explore the area down there, broome for a few nights then over to cairns. Mandurah looks lovely :-)

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