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Childrens Vaccinations


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I have been advised that my children aged 5 and almost 2will require Hep B vaccinations to be allowed to register with childcareproviders over in Perth, so day care and after school club. This is to bring their immunisations up tothe same level as the Australian vaccination program as they have already hadall the other vaccines under the UK program.

My question is has anyone organised this here in the UKbefore flying out to Australia? I’vetried calling my GP, Health visitor and the NHS Travel Clinic who all say it’snot something they can offer. My onlyother option is to go to a private clinic in Glasgow, which is fairly far fromme, but if it’s a lot cheaper I may consider it…

I wondered what other peoples experiences have been? Did you get it done over in Perth? And if so how much did it cost?


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Hi as Jkm says, register with medicare and then it is free, they will need a course of 3 doses for the hep B (mine are now waiting for their 3rd). Then chicken pox is the other one, I have had a bit of a debacle trying to sort this one out as mine have all had chicken pox so dont need the vaccine, but trying to get this recorded to make their immunisation history up to date has been a bit frustrating! Drs have been very helpful though so fingers crossed we are there now!

They will be fine to go to day care as soon as they have had their first vaccine. Hope that helps

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