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  1. Hi you have to complete 1000 hours so if you are working a 9-5 TA job even with weekends you couldn't complete it in a couple of months, you are looking at a minimum of 5 months and that would be working a 50 hour job. You could complete it quicker working in the mines. You only get your license when you have completed are the relevant courses and can only book in the final course when you've completed a certain percentage of logged hours. You've got to bear in mind when the courses run. my husband got his license after 8 months which I believe Is average.
  2. First you need to get a TA job which sometimes is not easy and then they will pay around $24 onwards. If you go into the mines the wages as a TA are far better.
  3. Yes private healthcare allows you to deliver at the private side if the hospital otherwise it's the public side. If you are coming on a 457 you have to have private insurance, I don't know if you are entitled to Medicare. As a PR you register for Medicare, you show Medicare for immunisations so you don't get charged and yes the baby clinic and assessments aren't charged with the chikd health nurse. As a PR you are still better to get health insurance and if you earn over a certain threshold I think around $165k if you don't take out heakth insurance it affects your tax.
  4. You get more contacts with child health nurses in Australia than the UK. You get a home visit when the baby is born, then you can attend the clinic when the baby is 6-8 weeks, 3-4 months, 8 months, 18 months and 3 years for development assessments. They have weekly baby clinics for weighing, you can attend a clinic or GP for immunisations. When pregnant if you have maternity private heakth cover you can deliver on the private side of the hospital if not you deliver on the public side.
  5. Hi I emigrated to perth last november. I'm a uk registered children's nurse with 7 years critical care experience but had been out of acute nursing for 3 years due to community nursing. No agency would recruit me into the hospital due to no experience in the past 2 years but nurse west did. Nurse west are the last agency to cancel shifts as they are part of the department of health. You can apply to them online. Yes there is a current job freeze but in the hospitals they are often looking for staff so good luck!!
  6. When we spoke to our vet regarding emigrating to Australia, the uk booster vaccinations include leptospirosis but WA don't or didn't at the time so we didn't have our dog vaccinated against it for 2 years prior to moving as if the blood test came back positive, the dog would need a further blood test to determine if the result is from the vaccination antibodies or from infection. Hope this makes sense. Also there is a tight schedule for rabies injection and blood test but our vet along with pet air were brilliant and worked out the schedule for our dog. Good luck!!
  7. We had no problem renting with our dog. We've paid a $250 pet bond and in our contract is to clean the carpets on leaving
  8. hi i can I can share our experience of bringing our pet English springer spaniel to Perth. We emigrated last November and our 10 year old dog spent 34 days in sydney quarantine due to Perth being closed. 2 years prior to emigrating we didn't have him vaccinated against leptospirosis so not yo get a positive result. Our vet completed all the relevant blood tests and paperwork which ran smoothly. We used pet air which is a fantastic company and right from the outset Bob made the whole process as less stressful as he could for us. We lived in the north west of England and drove our dog to pet air kennels near to heathrow to start his journey. We hired a dog walker who kept us updated with photos whilst our dog was in quarantine at sydney which was great to see how he was going as the only contact you get from quarantine is when they arrive or are unwell. Unfortunately due to the reduction in quarantine stays, dog walkers can no longer visit. Our experience was a positive one, yes for the first couple of days when our dog was reunited with us he was very quiet and I was anxious he would not be the same dog. Our dog hasn't changed from his stint in quarantine and has a fab life here basking in the sun, going to the beach. I would highly recommend pet air.
  9. Nurse west is a really good agency I've worked for them and there's also the recruitment casual pool at princess Margaret hospital
  10. I heard the degree information from someone currently applying via AHPRA so they were obviously incorrectly informed and I was surprised at the change. It was not an intentional rumour or wrote to upset anyone and having been through the process myself know how hard it is and how hard we work for nursing qualifications.
  11. Firstly you need to decide which state in australia you wish to move to. A migration agent will help you with the visa process but won't help registering with AHPRA (nursing board). If you look at AHPRA they have changed the process and you now need to have a degree, you need to get a copy of university transcript where you studied as a nurse, employer references, character statement from NMC and along with ID documents have them certified by a Notary Public or Justice of Peace which is costly as is the AHPRA registration fee. The nursing agencies are the last to contact once you have AHPRA registration. Goodluck it is worth the long slog to go through the process.
  12. Jkm


    We brought our 10 year springer spaniel over via Sydney quarantine. He coped with the flight and quarantine well, has a fab life basking in the garden all day and gets to go the beach.
  13. I used a notary public when submitting stuff for ahpra. Mine sighted the originals, photocopied them and put the red seal on. I would advise you to go to someone else. They will charge you more to contact the awarding body.
  14. Immigration to oz were fab, always contactable. John is the main guy
  15. Good for you carol. You've too much experience to give up. Where have you been offered a job?
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