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Shipping your car


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Have a look at http://ironladyimports.com/ as they seem to be the specialists and super helpful with advice.


Thanks, a little way off yet but the wife is worrying about the simple things at the moment, also in a panic about schools, doctors dentist etc but i have said to chill out and we will worry about that if we get our visa. Checking the car out for her as its her car and she loves it..

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I really, really wish I'd bought a few cars and shipped them over simply because they're quite rare here - a container load of Porsche 914's and a few Karman Ghia's would have been perfect. However, Euro cars are expensive and you're always going to lose a heap on them as soon as they are 'imports'.

We were going to ship our Kombi across but I'm so glad we didn't and I'd say unless it's rare or prestige then think long and hard about whether it's worth the effort and expense.

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If your car is worth less then £12k then I wouldn't bother, unless its unique.


We shipped over our Audi, we looked at the cost to buy like for like here and what we could expect to get for ours in the poor financial climate in the UK last July.


We had our container for all our household goods but found it cheaper to ship the car separately on a roll on roll off.


All in to get the car on the road it cost us around $8k, but we had to (due to rust) replace the brake discs and pads and two tyres as the WA rego inspection guys said they weren't safe, the car had sailed through a UK MOT six months prior to shipping and the mechanic an ex pat, said it would have passed again in the UK but the guys over here aren't used to seeing any rust so fail the cars when they see this.


Taking everything into account it can be worthwhile especially if you know the car you have is a good reliable one, if we had sold the car in the UK we would have lost money on it and would not have been able to buy like for like over here when adding the shipping costs.


I used iron lady imports and would recommend them if you decide to go ahead.

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Thanks John, its this one, will have to email a few merc garages to see costs, maybe worth leaving here.



Believe me it's worth bringing, I brought the wife's 2009 mini with a couple of years ago, I paid £15k in 2009, I tried to sell before we came and was struggling to get 10k for it, so decided to bring it with in our 40 ft container, did it all myself and wasn't as bad as what folks made out, a bit of running around here in perth but overall quite simple, but in the end well worth it, the car here is worth 25k, so if we did ever sell which we won't, we will get our new price back, your car might attract luxury car tax, so google it to check how much

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As the UK economy improves and the Ozzie declines, and as Sterling gets stronger the answer to the question "is the car worth bringing"

is less likely to be yes. We did the maths a year ago and the answer was yes but now it doesn't seem to be worth taking it.


I have a little spreadsheet which works it out for me depending on the exchange rate and what we are offered for our car compared to what it would cost to buy the same car in Oz. It's worth looking into the cost of shipping, customs etc and working this out for yourselves. All of the info is on the customs website. I could send you mine so you get an idea. PM me if you think it might be of some use to you.



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