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Newbie :)


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Hello PerthPoms!


I'm new around here and just wanted to introduce myself a wee bit! I'm 25, Scottish & have two daughters - 2yo & 9 week old with my husband.


We have spoken about moving to Australia numerous times, more before we had the girls, but now it's back on the table. Only difference is this time, if we decide we would like to make the move, we need to get the ball rolling because I don't want my 2yo to notice the change as much as she would should she be older.


My Mother-In-Law was born in Perth and moved to the UK when she was very young, but 4 years ago she returned with my brother in law to stay for good. My BIL got his citizenship through decent and was pretty much straight forward. My husband stayed here and at the time, I was pretty adament that I wouldn't be making the move (I'm too close to my mum) so he didn't proceed with his application. Now ofcourse, we are kicking ourself's because once you have children, you realise your family unit is the priority and there is nothing but doom and gloom lurking round the corner here!


We have been to Perth a few times, the last time being with my eldest. I had a bit more interest in the schools and noticed they all seemed great (and going for bike rides along the beach for PE sold it for me!). It is definatley a much better way of living than what we have here. My husband is a Welder by trade and has been working away (6 weeks away, 3 weeks at home).


So pretty much, I'll need alot of help starting this switch... We aren't saying much about it to my in-laws until we have things set in stone because it's not fair to get my MIL's hopes up or gearing my mum up for a flight across the world with her grandkids in tow. We will obviously need my MIL's birth certificate etc for my husbands citizenship but we are just going to say it's easier for holidays than fumbling about with short stay visas.


So anyway, that's my story!

Mrs M x

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good luck with the move.


As for visas for yourself and the girls, currently the offshore partner visa is taking around 8-9 months, you will be able to add the girls as dependants on the same application. Your oh will also require police checks, due to emigrating with children this is required regardless of the fact he will be an Australian citizen.

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Thank you DyleB - I've been going over and over where to start, but I'm going to lodge the application for my husbands citizenship by descent this week. It's a mere £60 and pretty straight forward it seems. Then the partner visa for me and the girls will start once his one is finalised. I didnt realise my OH would need police checks by UK and Oz as we have been there on holiday. It was hidden in the small print!


Well here goes! Thanks again!

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