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Hi - so having researched for a few weeks and spoken to a couple of agents I've established we are going to really struggle to get a 190 with WA sponsorship despite my husband potentially earning 70-80 points (depending on IELTS). His occupation is schedule 2 on the SOL hence we are stuck without a job offer. So the dilemma is apply for a different state, and consider putting to the test this moral obligation issue of the 190 visa system. HR Advisor is on the SA list (with a special condition of achieving certain IELTS levels) it's also on ACT and I believe NT. When you google on seek there are virtually no jobs in his discipline in SA or ACT yet there are several in WA.


not sure whether to just go for another state where we don't really want to live ( have never even been to SA so don't know whether we'd want to live there or not) or whether we should hang on until the 1st July to see if HR comes back onto the WA list??? If we go for another state and open up the job search to all areas and the market looks really flat how easy is it to get released from the state nomination?? Seems crazy that SA would sponsor us when there are no jobs within the discipline?!?



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No just at the start of the process weighing up options, by the time OH has done IELTS next month and then got skills assess back from vetassess then it's crunch time we need to submit EOI and decide if we go for SA or see if WA list changes on 1/7. This moral obligation is an issue, husband feels he divests himself of his moral application as he will a. Have spent £5k odd in fees to get the visa and b. If he applies for jobs in both SA and WA and gets a job in WA first?! I on the other hand am being the cautious one trying to work out if this is a reasonable thing to do!! It's hard this visa thing as you all keep saying on here!!

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