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Health care for baby on visitor visa, until gets 489 granted


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I have been advised by my agent, that my baby can emigrate with us, whilst his visa is being processed on a nnormal visitor visa. The issue is that he might need medical treatment for condition which is being investigated at the moment, Talipes.


We are worried as if treatment starts here and we move in January, he wont be eligible for treatment and maye even insurance?


Any help would be greatly appreciate



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so with the reciprocal health care, out baby would be entitled to treatment for his condition? Sorry to bother you about this?!

Treatment at hospital will be free, but GP appointments other consultants may need to be paid for first hen claim % back at the Medicare office.


I needed a CT scan done on my WHV good few years ago now, but the scan was about $180 paid by cc before done, took receipts toMedicare office and got back $130-140. Treatment at the hospital was free.

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Guest Guest6235

On a PR visa is a son/daughter covered on medicare up to a certain age free of charge or would such things as Doctors visits or A&E visits be charged. I've read on a thread somewhere that such things as immunisations are free but not sure about my initial question. Cheers

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A good thread for me to follow. Our 7 year old has just been diagnosed with scoliosis. It didn't come up on the medical in April- but we could tell that the doctor was looking at her back for a long time. She has an appointment on Friday to decide what if any treatment is needed. We arrive in Perth on 31/12/14 and are unsure what will happen once we arrive in terms of treatment and cost.

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