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p85 form


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Hi guys

We are emigrating to Perth at the end of this month (Jan) One way ticket booked!!!

I have informed HMRC here in the U.K of our intended move and they informed me I have to fill in a P85 form. Is this necessary??

I have not worked now for about 7-8 years, I am nearly 65, I already receive my state pension of about £500 a month. I worked part time for many years since I had my daughter and so have not paid tax for many years. I have no intention of working when we get to Oz. 

So my question is, will I need to fill in the P85 form?? I keep reading conflicting advise on this. Or maybe it's me just not understanding all the advise!!!

Would be grateful for any advise!! (that I understand!!!)


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 Hi, we were both working full time until we arrived last January. We filled in the forms and received our tax refund in to our uk bank account as we had overpaid for the financial year. Don't know if or how this would affect your pension. Is it tax free? You would have to declare it as an income on your tax return here. Maybe fill it in to be on the safe side?


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