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First job as electrical trade assistant

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Thank you for accepting me into this social group. I am in the country for 3 months and struggling to get any job .

I am in MANDURAH 70 Kms from Perth WA. I have applied almost every job that I came across including those that are not electricial. I am a qualified electrician with more than 13 years of experience but I am struggling to get even an interview for an electrical trade assistant job.

I have done some tickets that I think are useful but it doesn't seem to help. I have my provisional electricial lisense, working on heights, confined space, elevated working platform, white card, Rio Inductions. Before I move to another state, is there anyone there who can help me with ideas to get it done this side.

My family is this side as well. Thank you.

Out of ideas now.

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Door knocking is the only thing that I can think of - sorry you're having difficulty in getting a job.

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My old next door neighbour in Kallaroo was a brickie ..... But times got hard and wages got lower and lower , to the point wages where equivelent to £70 a day - shocking!

Anyhow he just asked around , he knew the trade and got onto ceiling boarding as apparantly not many guys like doing it...... but he was making good money.

So yep like Ai said knock on doors or consider other aspects of the building trade.


best of luck 

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