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Thinking about making the move!


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Hi all,

Thinking about making the move to Australia.

i was born there but never actually remembered it as was so young when my parents brought me back. As such luckily have my citizinship

I work in construction and wife is a nurse, so interested to know what the current work situation is? Money compared to uk seemed to be twice what we can earn in the Uk. So help would be good to understand. 

We have three children so to understand the cost of education is also important.

last but not least the area that we live is important, looking for family friendly areas with access to good schools.

thanks in advance


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Can only speak for nursing in that there aren't as many jobs being advertised as there was previously, but there is a lot of agency work and Nurse West is probably one of the biggest providers for casual staff.  Your wife will need to register with AHPRA http://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Overseas-Practitioners.aspx

Your children will probably be able to get citizenship by decent, but your wife will have to apply for a partner visa (if memory serves).

Public education is free but you pay for books/contributions to school and in High School pay towards some subjects e.g. for my son in year 12 last year my school fees were over $1,000 when they all added up.

Areas, are very subjective what suits one doesn't suit another.  I would say that where your wife will be working will be important rather than you e.g. it's no good living in Rockingham if your wife is working in Joondalup as the commute would be an exceptionally long one.  My husband works between Yanchep and Dunsborough with a head office in Malaga - we live somewhere in the middle lol ... but we chose the area so that I was only about 30 mins from home as I was working shifts.

Salaries are generally higher, but the cost of living is also higher in general.  Perth can be an expensive place to live/eat out etc, but having said that, we've always managed to have savings here and haven't struggled - you just cut your cloth depending on your outgoings.

There is a thread about construction - I've heard on the radio that things are picking up economically again generally albeit slowly, so it doesn't sound like it's all doom and gloom, but again, jobs might not be as available as they once were yet.

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You will need to investigate if your children have citizenship. This will depend on what the status of your parents had when you were born. 

Your wife will need a partner visa, these are generally fairly simple to do, but do take some preparation. 

I am assuming your wife holds a degree in nursing? 

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Thanks both for the replies

Understand about the construction at present, looked up but haven't contacted any local people yet regarding the work. Initially been looking south Perth as far as freo! Understand the north is pretty good in the newer episodes districts.

will check out the citinsinshipmthrough descent didn't realise there was something about per nets stays making a difference.

the wife has her masters and is currently registered as an advanced nurse practitioner so thinking she will be fine for work.

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