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Eaton / Bunbury

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I am keen to hear from anyone who lives down near the coast on South Western Australia - in particular the Eaton / Bunbury area. My partner is English and we have been living in England for 5 years now but we are now looking to head back to Australia and are very drawn to moving down south as we feel it would suit us. I am from Perth originally and have always enjoyed my holidays down this way. What we are after is somewhere with a slower pace of life, lots of green spaces, and a good place to raise a family.

What I was hoping for was any input from people that do live down this way. What do you like / dislike about it? Are there any particular suburbs you would recommend? Is it easy enough to find jobs and housing?

Thank you!

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I have friends who emigrated in 2007... they lived in Perth for a while but gravitated to the south west of WA for every holiday they had.   Three years ago they moved down to Bunbury and absolutely love it.   They are renting currently, but looking to buy land and build their dream house.  Initially they had issues finding work in their fields, but by retraining and being broad of mind workwise, they are both doing well.   Life is slower once you get out of Perth, and  you need to be up for anything if you really want to get out there and make a go of it in the south west.


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Thanks Rossmoyne... there is something magical about the South West of WA! Your friends have the right idea - renting before buying. Think we will do this as well to make sure we truly do like the area. Work wise we are toying with the idea of initially finding something near Mandurah. Reason being we would be staying with my family in Perth first for a few months before heading down south. Although it is still a bit of a commute, it is doable from both ends and would buy us more time to find work in the Bunbury region. My partner is currently training as a personal trainer so ideally he would like to be doing something with fitness, but we are both pretty flexible, so we are hoping for the best! 

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