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I'm hoping you can help me out.

I've just been granted my 189 and aim to arrive mid-August. I'm in a bit of a dilemma; I've heard that the job market in Perth is saturated. 

I'm secondary French and German qualified with 15 years experience at classroom level, subject/ department leadership and curriculum development.
I have led Citizenship across 3 schools, deliver PSHE and am currently head of RE. 
I spent 3 years in primary (2014-2017) teaching Y6 and leading whole school French across 3 schools.
I think I'm very employable.... I'll teach anything to anyone 😂😂.
What's the word on the street regards the job market? I'd go down the supply route initially but would hope to find a permanent position in 2020 term 1....
Any inside advice? Can't decide whether to stick with Perth or head elsewhere if the market is dire....
Thanks ever so.
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Not many schools actually teach French and German - the majority will offer an Asian language such as Japanese and Chinese.  My daughters school did teach French and I know some schools teach Italian.  UWA was the only University a few years ago that offered French.

Have a look at seek.com for jobs to give you an idea of what's out there.

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I arrived in Dec 2018 with a primary teaching job to go to! I was very determined and applied for over 50 primary jobs on WA jobs. I also applies for private wxhool jobs as I was already in the private sector in the UK and had been for 17 years. I have taught primary for 20 years, was also Head of English and Middle School coordinator so had good experience. I got through to 6 teaching pools, some by interview via Skype and some not. In the end I was offered 3 positions in totally different areas so had to choose the area that we thought suited out family. I think we made the best Choice as it's very rural and classed as remote but actually there's shops with 5 mins and we're 2 mins from the coast.

Before we came I was panicking as since uni I've never been without a job, I was the same as you and would have done supply had I needed to and I hear there is enough to work a few days each week. I was glad to get a position and I ha e taught year 2bforbthe first term now so that's given me a chance to get to know the strategies and teaching programs they use in my school, now I'm a relief but permanent, so last week I taught kindy up to year 6....its great as I get to know all the kids in the school and get so much variety, on Friday I taught Art all day, it was lovely!

I would recommend you highly tailor each application to the school, echo want they're looking for. Join WA jobs website and you get regular job updates that you an apply to from their portal. Also there's a video clip tutoring you in the application process, I found that really helpful. Any other qs, just pm me! Good luck!

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