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Moving later this year

Andy H

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Hi all 

new member my name is Andy I’m originally from the midlands and myself and my wife and 2 kids have lived in Auckland since 2006 we are selling up and moving to Perth around Christmas time this year , a bit of advice if possible 

1) Beldon and surrounding area is it nice can anyone recommend other areas 

2) my wife is a dean at a high school in Auckland she teaches design tech can anyone tell us about websites for teaching positions 

3) High schools my son will be in last year and my daughter a year 9 

4) football clubs my son plays rep level for Auckland are there any good academies he can attend 

cheers in advance 


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Don't know about Beldon.  I live in Leeming which I think (rather biasedly) is a great suburb (as are the surrounding areas.  

Seek and jobs wa are good sites to look for jobs - you may want to see where you get jobs before deciding on location to settle

High schools - Some public school you have to live in the area to go to - such as Rossmoyne/Willetton.  My children went to Leeming High (chalk and cheese kids) and both enjoyed it.

Football as in Soccer (I hate that word lol), there are a number of NPL teams - look at football west website.

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Beldon is a pretty decent suburb. Craigie next to it a bit less (and smaller/older) houses. Padbury is a biter nicer than Beldon but more expensive. All suburbs west of Marmion Ave are far more expensive. We have lived in that area for a few years (and we still do, just 5 minutes east in Wanneroo south)

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