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870 Temporary Visa


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Hi all,  we are just starting our application for this visa and was looking for help on one thing. The application states we must apply from outside Australia but can be in country when the decision is made. Does this mean we can apply in the UK and then travel on our e-visa's before Immi decides on the 870? Does anyone have knowledge of this, even for another type of visa?

Any help would be appreciated.

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My understanding is that you can be in Aus when it's granted (but not when you apply), so you could come on a visitor visa. Has your sponsor been approved yet?  The visa is taking approx. 19 months to be granted I believe (which is longer than the average tourist visa), when were you considering coming over?  Do you work in the UK?  Only asking as it may be wiser if you do to get the extra funds as I don't believe that this visa allows any work rights.

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You can be in Australia when applying for an 870 visa if you have sought agreement to this when lodging the sponsor application.

We've done this recently due to the COVID situation - our client is onshore in Australia with a visitor visa.   Approval to apply for the 870 visa onshore was granted.

Best regards.

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