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Hi everyone


We have been in Canning Vale a few weeks and would love to meet some people. We are originally from South Africa but lived in the UK for five years. Myself and my husband are 32 with a nine month old baby. Happy to meet during the week or weekends :) Would loe to here from anyone in the area or not in the area - happy to drive wherever :)

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Guest lori75

Hi ladies, I also live SOR in Como so would be happy to catch up sometime I have a 17 month old son and although I can't drive I'm happy to travel!

hopefully hear from you soon :)


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Guest indigojeans

Hi Heather

We've been in Perth for about 5 weeks now, staying with family in Alfred Cove while we look for a suburb to settle in. We were in the UK, (Swindon, Wilts), for 7 years, and before then in South Africa too. Which area did you live in?

Nice to hear from someone else in a similar situation. We're looking for a school for our daughter aged 7, proving difficult!

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Hi ladies,


i too am from SA originally, lived in the uk the last ten years before moving here 6 weeks ago!


i have started a thread about a meet up if you are interested. I am nor near Joondalup but anyone is welcome, singles, couples, families whatever! Pm me if you want to meet up :)

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