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I need an idiot's guide to broadband!!


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Been looking into broadband (and possibly landlines) and have a few questions:


1. Is mobile broadband any good over there? We would look to get it for the first 3 months while we are in a short-term rental and possibly keep it.

2. What are the benefits of Naked Broadband as it doesn't seem much cheaper than some of the bundles for a landline and ADSL broadband?

3. Has anyone got any experience of broadband from the smaller companies i.e. not Telestra, Optus etc?

4. Is it really worth getting a landline? Are VOIP or Skype enough for keeping in touch with friends/relatives overseas?


Getting so confused with it all and trying to keep costs to a minimun but want to come over with an idea of where to start! We'll be living in Rockingham initially, possibly looking at Mandurah longer term.

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We used an optus mini wifi thing for when we first arrived, cost $99 and then was $30 a month for 4GB of data. This ended up lasting us around 15 months before we decided to upgrade to something unlimited.


Now we've got Vivid Wireless, $79 per month for unlimited downloads - works on the 4G network so no need for a landline. Worked perfectly in Subiaco (had full signal on the box) now we're in Yangebup (further south) it still works ok, but we have 2 bars instead of the 3 - so downloads are a bit slower now.

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Hi could I also ask advice on some of the packages that are around? We are moving into a rented house mid April in duncraig. A friend has told me she got her tv, broadband and mobile all in a Telstar package. Could anyone recommend a package or deal that is around? Thanks.

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