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Visa granted


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:ssign19::ssign19::ssign19:VISA GRANTED:ssign19::ssign19::ssign19:


Thank God the wait is over. Now the hard bit! (Getting organised to go) - Ebaying/Garage sales etc I always said to my wife 'don't worry about the details, lets just get the visa first', and now its 'OMG, loads to do, what do we do first'


How will I get any work done today!!!

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Congratulations - I remember that feeling so well. Celebrate tonight with a glass of sparkly and breathe. The next step is simple you just need to be organised. I had so many lists going. It does work out in the end, it just feels like a lot of hard work to get there. We are flying out in under 13 weeks, well to be exact this time in 13 weeks we have landed and will be in our holiday let, I'm getting impatient, I want to be there now but have three leaving parties to arrange for the kids. My biggest decision at the moment is what shoes, clothes and bags to take on the plane and what to send in the container. When do you hope to make the move?

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