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    Hi @Nomadneat we live in Roleystone. I grew up here and lived in Roleystone until I went travelling to the UK where I stayed for 11 years. We came home nearly 4.5 years ago and we moved back to Roleystone. We bought our house. My kids go to Roleystone community college just as I did and will do years 11 and 12 at either Kelmscott or Lesmurdie. There is plenty for kids to do and lots of sports clubs. We are involved in the t-ball/baseball club. I work in Morley which is about 35 minutes on the Tonkin Hwy dependant on traffic and my husband works in Perth CBD his commute is just slightly longer by car. We never really looked anywhere closer to Perth and always wanted 'bush' to live in. My parents have been in Roleystone since 1970 and only once have they evacuated with a bush fire in 2011 which was started by a local using welding equipment. there seem to be more fires out of the hills now than in the hills. any questions please ask?
  2. Nutnudger

    Picnic/bbq areas - where do you go?

    We like Churchmans Brook or Canning Dam but we live in Roleystone
  3. Nutnudger

    Perth Schools - Primary through to year 12?

    It used to be called roleystone district high but the primary joined with the district high which was years 6 to 10 but it is now the community college which does k to 10 on the one site. I went to the primary school and to the DHS my children now go to the school. We are pushing for it to go to year 12. It it is not a district high anymore as it has a primary side attached to the school.
  4. Nutnudger

    Accountants work around Perth

    There is work out there if you are in the corporate world. I took 6 months to find my job but I work in nfp sector in the migrant/refugee field so a very small field as never worked in the corporate world. I got my job in December but got the school holidays off so started last week.
  5. Nutnudger

    Perth Schools - Primary through to year 12?

    Roleystone community college is K to 10 with the school and p&c pushing to go to year 12.
  6. Nutnudger

    importing my motorbike

    Hi mate, i would say your about on the money for the resale value at about $3000 to $3500 that of course wouldn't include the cost of getting it here a mate brought a bike out from the UK and managed to get it on the road and sorted apart from when he come to try and sell it it did take longer to move becouse it was an import even tho the same bike could be purchased here in WA. one othere thing to consider is are you sure you want to ride here, I have owned bikes since I arrived 3 years ago and I'm just about to give it up and sell my Ducati Diavel I just feel it's not that safe here and the heat in summer is not great sitting on a bike in 40 degrees i don't want to put you off and of course this is based on my experience but just something to think about,,,,,
  7. I don't think it is the norm. I am Australian and not once have my parents had any trouble in their nearly 65 years. I don't know anyone who has CCTV or any of the other things. My brother has shutters but that is for the heat! What do you class as a lethal dog, nasty breeds of dogs live all over the world!
  8. Hate to disappoint you Keefo, but when we lived in East London we lived behind an enclosed gate and had an alarm. When we lived in Manchester, we had a house alarm and our car was broken into the first night there.. Trouble happens all around the world, not just in Perth! Been home 3 years now and not once have we had trouble.
  9. Nutnudger

    Game console question

    I don't belive that the UK games will work on and xbox purchased in Australia, I belive its a regional thing like with DVDs could be be wrong tho
  10. What private are you looking for? Catholic, Anglican or Baptist?
  11. We have two boys 8 and just turned 5 we are in Roleystone
  12. Nutnudger

    passport visaa problem

    You can apply for your UK passport online take about 3 weeks to turn up, Then once it turns up you can have your visa moved over to the new passport number easy as they say
  13. Nutnudger

    Relocation allowance

    We were relocated too in Dec 2012 on 457 visa, I am now PR and wife and kids are Australian,
  14. We submitted nomination and visa on the 20 February and received grant on the 29 May. No correspondence from Immigration at all.
  15. Nutnudger

    Lots for sale by 19/6/15

    PM sent