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  1. FurryBear

    Anmac and Aphra

    Good luck louloubelle
  2. We are looking at Western Australia south of Perth in the country. I think Albany is most likely but possibly bunbury
  3. Hi @louloubelle I submitted my application after the changes in June 2014 and my MSc is in mental health
  4. Have heard of other mental health and children's nurses being given registration with just a diploma (and the condition of a years supervised practice)
  5. I was granted registration as an RMN with just a diploma with the condition of a year of supervised practice. Once my masters was awarded I appealed and had the condition of a years supervised practice lifted
  6. We used ISA and they were great. Our agent was Kylie and I cannot praise her highly enough. She was always quick to reply to all our email questions and was very patient explaining stuff on the phone
  7. FurryBear

    Childrens passports

    Every checklist tells you that you should make sure that you have at least five years to run on your passport but UK childrens passports only last five years. Should I renew my kids passports so that they have five years to run or doesn't it matter with kids?
  8. FurryBear

    One week in...

    Its been lovely reading this thread. Our house is on the market so hopefully we will not be too far behind you
  9. FurryBear

    certifying docs - NURSE ???

    Sorry no idea about retired JP's but a phone call to the local magistrate court would be worth your time to see what they would charge
  10. FurryBear

    certifying docs - NURSE ???

    I had a magistrate friend do mine for the free. Ask around to see if any of your friends or colleagues know a magistrate. I got stamps made with the exact wording required and AHPRA, DIBP and ANMAC were all happy with my docs.
  11. FurryBear

    Nurse time-scale

    After just a year of waiting my registration has been agreed
  12. Excellent news, I am still waiting to hear. I applied in June so it's nearly a year now.....
  13. FurryBear

    Nursing degree question

    Once I had my dissertation results my uni wrote to AHPRA to let them know. I don't actually pick up my cert till July
  14. FurryBear

    Nurse time-scale

    Hopefully I will know if my qualifications are ok next month. My application goes to panel on 21/05. I will then hear in 3-4 weeks. My wife is a certificate level nurse (has done modules at uni but never completed diploma or degree pathway). She will not be able register without doing a substantial amount of study. She will probably do a one year full time course to become an enrolled nurse. She is currently a band 6 charge nurse in a mental health crisis team. I have a diploma. I did several degree modules but do not have a degree because they were done over ten years. I now have a masters. I believe that it is possible for diploma nurses to complete an IRON course (internationally registered overseas nurse) but you need to apply to AHPRA and be referred to do it. My advice is be patient and professional in your communication with AHPRA. There are lots of angry UK nurses who post comments about their frustrations and I can understand their position, especially as my wife is one of the most capable nurses I know. However in the long run getting angry will not speed things up and you will be the one left feeling stressed, not AHPRA.