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  1. Sorry Michael we would have loved to have helped you out - we have availability from June onwards if your plans change ? http://www.thebolt-hole.com Good luck Germaine
  2. Gwnkta

    Volkswagen Golf 2011

    FOR SALE 2011 comfort line Golf automatic 91,000 km silver, interior black/grey 5 doors, 5 seats hatchback 4 cylinder petrol turbo supercharged 1.4l automatic windscreen wipers and lights bluetooth, CD player Just had 90,000 km service with 4 new wheels and water pump fitted female owner non smoker upsizing as family growing! $12,999.00 ONO HILLARYS PM if interested
  3. Hi Slev I have PM'ed you Germaine
  4. Gwnkta

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    please check out our fully furnished rental...... http://www.thebolt-hole.com Most of our emigrating families stay between 4-12 weeks The advantage is the home is fully furnished, all bills included and allows you time to shop around for a longer term rental/schools/bank accounts/medicare cards etc... We are vacant the month of May and then again from the end of september onwards.... Germaine
  5. Gwnkta

    should migrate to perth in April....advice needed

    HI good luck!!! We currently have a family from SA in our holiday rental in Curramabine--they vacate on the 23rd April and we are then qanat until mid July if that helps ? If you want to Skype chat please PM us WE have photos/rates/maps/info on our website....... http://www.thebolt-hole.com It's a great stepping stone for emigrating families..being fully furnished and including all bills/linen etc and lots of storage space..most families tend to stay about 6-10 weeks with us while they secure a longterm rental or buy a property kind regards germaine and chris
  6. Gwnkta

    Moving to Perth.... Help...

    Good luck Rob If things change drop us a line Germaine
  7. Gwnkta

    Moving to Perth.... Help...

    Hi Rob Have you seen our advert ? ( under accomodation available) - we run a fully furnished home in Currambine - about a 5 minute drive to the beach and very close to transport links... We have set it up for families emigrating to Perth and have been running it for 4 years now WE have vacancy from the 30th april... check out our website http://www.thebolt-hole.com kind regards and good luck Germaine
  8. Gwnkta

    Holiday let

    http://www.thebolt-hole.com kind regards Germaine and Chris
  9. Gwnkta

    Making the move soon!

    Well done Cara and Ben and family Exciting times ahead of you....you will LOVE it here - the lifestyle is amazing ( saturday morning and just got back from the beach with our bubba ----amazing!!) If you need short term fully furnished accommodation for when you arrive - please check out our home we rent out to emigrating families.....we have vacancy from May this year........ http://www.thebolt-hole.com and please feel free to PM us any queries Good luck!! Germaine and Chris (Administrators this accommodation has been 'okay'ed' by yourselves)
  10. Gwnkta

    Holiday accommodation or a rental?

    Hi WE run a 'stepping stone' fully furnished home in Currambine for exactly this situation... Generally you need to be in Australia to secure a long termed rental and sometimes they prefer an australian reference from a rental property ( we have provided countless to guests previously) Plus totally agree that you need to get a feel for each suburb and make sure you are happy We reckon you need 4-6 weeks easily to look around and secure a place in an area you are happy with. To be honest the first few weeks are a bit busy with getting connected with phones, medicare, banks, hire care etc..... so give yourself some time in a holiday home/furnished place to take the stress off yourselves Feel free to have a browse of our site http://www.thebolt-hole.com Germaine and Chris
  11. Hi congratulations! It's a long but exciting process! We have a home for rent in Currambine - please see our post under accommodation available --It's a really great up and coming area! It's minutes to the sea ( gorgeous beaches), a few minutes drive to Joondalup and right by the train line/freeway so it's sooo easy to get to the CBD in about 25 minutes. the area has been really targeted for expansion in terms of services in the last 2 years - lots of new shops, cinema up grade, restaurants etc. In January 2016 they are opening a brand new open plan market with butchers/bakers etc..all very exciting! I actually work in the doctor's surgery there and love the area Please feel free to brouse our website www.thebolt-hole.com and message us. Our rental is designed to be a stepping stone for families emigrating and has been used by many ...in fact three in the last couple of years have brought in the suburb after staying Good luck Germaine ps Currambine primary school is very popular and has glowing reports!
  12. hi we have a beautiful furnished home in Currambine, 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom with everything you need!! Looking at longterm rental of the property so more than 3 months ...$750/week inclusive of all bills, linen etc.. PM if need details and good luck with the move ! Germaine
  13. My parents know of a property in Currambine, Perth - a 4 bedroom place, fully furnished available ? in the new year ...give me a PM if need details ?
  14. Gwnkta

    HELP!!! short term rentals

    Hi karen i've sent you a private message with details of our short stay rental germaine