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  1. We headed there one night as we were a fan of Jamie's in the UK but we didn't go in as it was expensive! And hasn't it gone broke in Oz?
  2. I can guarantee it won't be cheap like Aldi in the UK! I saw a price comparison done on a news show and Aldi didn't come in any cheaper than the other supermarkets. They just do that ridiculous thing of reducing the size...like we don't notice! Also, Aldi are opening up in Nedlands...it kind of says to me that Aldi is not competing on price but more on range of products.
  3. You could def get something nice for that nowadays. my friend just rented a lovely place in Wembley for $350/week....3 bedrooms, renovated place...There's so many rentals on the market now....prices are wayyyyy down.
  4. Laz


    Get an RAC check before you buy....they're pretty thorough.
  5. Laz

    Which shopping centre best?

    Totally agree...Garden City is the best, then Karrinyup.... Although, I had to go to the big shopping centre in Dianella recently (whatever it's called) and it was huge and looked quite good from my quick run through. Shopping in Perth is pretty rubbish/expensive though...unless you've got lots of cash to spend in some of the smaller boutiques.
  6. Laz

    Which areas?

    There's another one I looked at last weekend in Floreat (edge of the new Perry Lakes development). It's by 'Transform' (I think that's the name) and it's the builder's own home. It's designed by Daniel Cassettai... it's another house (very modern) that'd give you an idea of what people want. It was VERY busy when I viewed it. Also check out Riverstone (one in Applecross and another in Swanbourne) - classic but popular homes...
  7. Laz

    Which areas?

    agreed but this is Perth.... we are very small town here. Everyone knows everyone...that's how you get jobs!
  8. Laz

    Which areas?

    William Porteous (Porteous Real Estate, I think) does all the high end stuff. Also Space Real Estate, Anderson Davies, Abel McGrath (they do Western suburbs) to name a few around Western suburbs (all the suburbs Arwen mentioned). Maybe talk to some builders....go to their display homes. Not the ones in the display villages but look for Humphrey Homes, Giorgi, Zorzi....they all have home opens around the place (Zorzi has one in Browne Ave, Dalkeith at the moment - it should be open today)...maybe Brian Burke Homes will have a home open as I found a good one in South Perth recently that was open (they have one open in Brompton Rd, Wembley Downs....I think it's number 54...I looked at it last weekend). Anyway, looking at those homes might give you an idea of cost, finish expected etc. It would be very difficult to make a profit at the moment. A Humphrey home I looked at recently in Floreat cost $2mil to build (that's the cost to the average person, not the builder) and the block was prob worth $1.3mil ($1.2 maybe...) but there's no way it would get $3mil if it were sold. Same as the Brian Burke home in Wembley Downs. It just sold for $1.6m....he told me it was $1.1mil to build and I guess the block would be about $600k so again sale price leaves no margin.....
  9. Laz

    What to pack in your suitcase...?

    Bring everything you can cram in... You'll end up with all the winter stuff you're wearing after your container is packed, then on top of that will be the summer clothes you need for Australia. I'm going to add a tip here - buy shoes in the UK! I can't believe the cost of decent shoes here. I have some Ecco sandals that I bought for £75 (still had sticker inside) and I saw them in a shop here for a lot more....can't remember how much but the shop owner told me we are slugged with import taxes on shoes here.
  10. Laz

    Brexit – what happens next?

    Get the accountant to deposit to Moneycorp's account then you have funds sitting there which you can set up a deal for when ready....that's what we did, but from UK to here.
  11. Laz

    Eating out....Food quality?

    Don't eat at pubs - food is often rubbish. If you want a cheap eat with kids then sometimes Asian food courts are good - apparently Gosnells is good. We like to go with kids to V Burger...and I've heard Grill'd is good too. Don't know if you have either of those near you.
  12. Laz

    referendum result

    I'm surprised that the replies above are mostly to leave. My friends in the UK are all very disappointed (devastated is the word being commonly used to refer to the result)... I guess they all fit the demographic most likely to vote "remain" - 40s, professionals and most are either in Scotland or London. Interesting though...
  13. Laz


    We just went recently and the accommodation has been upgraded significantly since I was last there (quite a few years ago)! It's very expensive though. But, we love it....I love it! Best holidays I had growing up were at Rottnest. I wish it was a more affordable holiday though..
  14. Laz

    Putting a child back a School year!!

    If he's a March birthday he will be one of the youngest in the class. I would definitely hold him back, and I'm sure you can do it here, no problem (we are at a private school though). I really, really wish I'd held my son (March birthday) back a year when we came. Once they begin school its too hard to get your child to repeat - they've made friends etc. (and a big move, new school is enough to deal with..). Anyway, my son was top of the class in the UK (well, top group for everything...not struggling) and here he is very average...but mainly he looks young compared to a lot of the other boys (he's year 6). Another couple of mums of boys with late birthdays said the same thing - wish they'd kept them back when they moved.
  15. Laz

    Swim Clubs - Arearn V West Coast

    we were in Scotland and I used to think it was funny how many mums told me they were ex swimmers, swam for Shetland, swam for Aberdeen etc. (It's just funny to me as I grew up in Australia where swimming is a big sport and I knew no swimmers at all.) I'm sure your daughter is a good swimmer and she'll get on fine, it just might be a bit more competitive.