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  1. Hi I have a nice Town House in Scarborough for rent. About 7 mins walk to beach and cafes Some of the best beaches Own private garage Large rooms Modern House $ 695 per week message me
  2. Hi Rachie I will answer your questions with dot points, its only my opinion here but I have lived in WA for 30 years so here goes. x Job market not good at the moment due to mining crash x Lots of rental properties available due to general over supply x I prefer north of the river (not so many crazies) x Rent first in an such as Joondalup to start off (plenty of stuff here with good transport links) x Dont buy a house until you know a bit more about the place x Clarkson is too far out x Perth is getting to gridlock for car travel, so place your self near good train / bus links x Joondalup to Perth is direct line by train, takes about 35-40 mins x I would settle in Joondalup first with renting, you can look for a good rent right now! x PS I am not a real estate agent x Mandurah has train link but no good for local work, have to commute to Perth anyway x Mandurah is a bit rough also (my opinion)
  3. Not sure how the real estate paperwork works in Scotland, but I always say a verbal promise is not worth the paper its not written on.
  4. Just found out that my previous neighbor recently died from cancer. I suspect that the enormous strain put on her and her husband by the biggest **** bag builder in Perth played a major part in her illness. RIP my old neighbor.
  5. My daughter has a rental house in Gingin which is 50 mins drive north of Joondalup / Wanneroo. Its a quiet country town and the house sits on 1 acre of bush and garden with a pool too. Chris
  6. Hi mate I had a rant about another subject the other day so I know how you feel. I don't have any magical advice for you, but, this is a saying I like to fall back on sometimes. "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what always got"! In other words think about a change to break the cycle. Good luck.
  7. neils 1812 Why the pointed comments and derogatory biased remarks towards women and young people? A Freudian slip somewhere there I'd say! PS I wont be dropping you an email based on that advice.
  8. You are very lucky mate, at the moment brickies are really sought after in Perth. You will find the whole way of building in Perth is quite different from the UK so be prepared to do things in a different way. A lot of building work follows the urban sprawl that is going north, south, and east from Perth. Go to builders sites such as Dale Alcock, Summit Homes, Commodore Homes etc to get a feel of what houses people are buying. PS I'm not a building company trying to tart for business.
  9. Its not easy, I have lived in Perth a long time now. Perth is very expensive in everything you want to do. Also there are plenty of scammers who will prey on new poms such as yourself. Perth also has a high cost of living which is a left over from the mining boom. The mining bubble has burst, but the high prices remain for everything. Sorry but that's the truth.
  10. Hello All Just letting you know that I will never use a Perth real estate company again to manage an investment property. I have just found out that they lie about property reports , and then charge you $220 for a report they copied from somebody 2 years ago. Best of all in true Perth fashion they are too dumb to even care about the lie they told you. Will I chase the money they claim they worked for on my behalf, no because its not worth entering into a protracted court case for this amount of cash. Nevertheless, at every opportunity I will be slagging off this well known real estate company when I go to BBQ's, at the pub, in the workplace, places in general. And if I ever take on tenants again, guess I won't bother with so called professional REIWA property companies. Like the old saying, if you want a job done, then do it yourself! What a load of ...
  11. You should be aware that lots of new poms move to the Quinns Rocks area and surrounding suburbs as the major home builders have targeted this area with their home / land packages for migrants. The result is that this area is a pom haven with the road from quinns going further north and further away from Perth (where a lot of work is). If you have a job in these northern areas then thats good, but if you have a job in Perth then it can be quite a trek. I personally would opt for Duncraig although renting or buying real estate will cost a bit more (being closer to Perth). At the moment your real estate dollar will be worth more in Duncraig than in the far northern suburbs (thats the way it is here). Eventually in years to come Quinns Rock will probably be considered close to Perth, but not right now. PS. I am a pom who used to live in Quinns Rock many years ago, so I have seen the full cycle of development in Perth. Hope this helps.
  12. Resume could be a bit taxing for most Australians as it has 6 letters, whilst CV has 2 letters !
  13. He may have been an Aussie - did he have drag marks on his knuckles ?
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