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  1. sawdoctor

    Sad News about a Wonderful PerthPoms Contributor

    Very sad to hear of Gills passing away .........R.I.P X
  2. sawdoctor

    Keema Naan

    Does anyone have a fantastic keema recipe, i used to have the best keema naan in the UK Leigh , not had one for over 20 yrs but have never forgotten how nice it was ..........ive read that some use mutton some lamb ....the spices i will have at hand but would love a good recipe, what mince to use and also an easy naan recipe thats nice n soft doughy ect ...thanks
  3. sawdoctor

    Double & Single Bunk Bed

    Single top , double bottom gun metal grey almost new bunk beds hardly used as were only put in spare room at Grandparents place .$220 dismantled and ready to go ! SOR .......
  4. I have been on the UK passport website to renew my daughters expired passport.As she has now turned 16, her child passport has expired, therefore the application is for an adult one.I have printed off the papers for an adult renewal passport, as this seemed to be the correct one.An Aussie friend, reckons this is not the correct one!! Any ideas anyone? I need a passport for my daughters school trip early next year....ASAP!! Can anyone advise on which application is correct please!!!!Cheers
  5. sawdoctor

    Football Players Wanted ........

    Grass SR..........
  6. sawdoctor

    Football Players Wanted ........

    SR , we train at Tom Bateman Oval next to the baseball stadium at the moment , thornlie ,Roe Highway is right next to it , Bannister Rd opposite , you will see the guys , many Indians are training with us at the moment , ️️ the guy to ask for is David , he is the coach and knows you are coming , starts at 4.30 till it goes dark so dont worry about being late , one of the Indian guys lives in Madurah too ....i have netball with daughters so cant get there till later but please come down .......
  7. sawdoctor

    Football Players Wanted ........

    that's great SR.....we train on Tuesdays around 4.30 in Thornlie at the moment .........I will pm you the address
  8. sawdoctor

    Football Players Wanted ........

    Just to bump this up , still looking for players ......
  9. yes I have Mack , sorry again ive not been too good , give me the weekend and I will pm them to you , when are you likely to be over ?
  10. sawdoctor

    English Style Bacon in Perth??

    If its the one im thinking of ive seen and had this, its pretty good too ! It is Coles own British Stlye Bacon ,again they dont always have it in but worth grabbing when they do .........
  11. sawdoctor

    I wish i'd filled my container with...

    Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps ........even though Crazy Dons sell them in bulk now ........... also Toastie Bags ...... Lot more expensive here so i have them sent over , very useful with five children !
  12. sawdoctor

    English Style Bacon in Perth??

    The only Coles i know that sells McLouglins is the one at Forest Lakes Thornlie , i have looked at many Coles and this is the only one i know that sells the bacon , black pudding and Gammon in this make , ive also contacted the supplier in Malaga ,Coles dont add too much profit either ,they are already a good price .........
  13. Hi Jo , we hired a couple of rooms to chill and take showers ect as at the time there were seven of us , i took the three girls to watch a couple of films in the cinema (i presume the airport still has one or two ) , was lucky enough to watch City live while i was there too ......some lovely shops too , this was all over eight yrs ago so probs even more to entertain your family now , have fun and enjoy Singapore .........
  14. sawdoctor

    what are you doing at this moment

    Catching up on the weekends football , i like to record most games .........
  15. sawdoctor

    Football Players Wanted ........

    Thats not a problem LL , we have a lady that turns up every week for training .......are you local ? Just come down if you like next week , we are a friendly bunch ...........