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  1. New Life Down Under

    Anyone waiting to migrate?

    Yep, I think we are going to stop via Shark Bay and then maybe Kalbarri on way back! Even 8 hours is enough!
  2. New Life Down Under

    Hello Very Stormy and Rossy

    Hi Jack, Yes I can organise a Skype consult with you at some stage! I charge $165 for initial immigration advice. You are welcome to email me camilla@newlifedownunder.com.au to organise a time.
  3. New Life Down Under

    Anyone waiting to migrate?

    Hi Ali, yep my Gili Islands trip had to be cancelled. It is now costing me at least double to go to Exmouth and I have to put up with my daughters for 17 hour drive!!!!! And no daily bed making!!!! Now we are officially in a recession it is good to support state businesses and economy though!
  4. New Life Down Under

    Hello Very Stormy and Rossy

    Hi Guys Hope you are all well and keeping safe throughout COVID 19. I have not dropped off the perch, just been caught up and havent been on this site for a while! Have had to deal with lots of clients with visa problems recently, ie job losses, family bereavements but all is well now and Perth is getting back to normal - just been out for lunch, first one in months, hooray!!! Keep safe everyone Camilla x
  5. New Life Down Under

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Just to clarify it was the Nomination that was granted NOT the visa, that may still take 13 months!!!! Had an excellent employer to work with who provided me with first rate documents as requested so makes for a happier agent! MARA registered agents in Perth are generally all pretty good, especially if they have been doing it for a good few years. And as I say you have been quoted a very average fee! All the best
  6. New Life Down Under

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    BTW, you said you thought 186 processing times are longer, there is something crazy going on at the moment in that Dept. I lodged a 186 DE Nom on Tuesday, granted yesterday, so 2 days taking into account ANZAC DAY. No RFI's just a quick grant, I think they are trying to cut down the average processing times!!
  7. New Life Down Under

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Hi rollingstone I can not comment on how or what your agent does but I would say from a personal perspective, filling out a form is yes indeed very easy! knowing the complex legislation and regulations, eg Reg 5.19 for 186, addressing various caveats, writing submissions etc is a different matter and your agent probably like myself holds a Post Grad Cert in Migration Law. I specialise in Drs and medical professionals and they certainly see value in a migration agent. I can also watch youtube and learn how to rewire my house, or service my car, but I chose to get an expert to do these things for me. When I recently sold my property in Perth I paid my real estate agent $17K to sit in my lounge, drink coffee and get me a buyer! Migration agents charge a fraction of that cost and are responsible for life changing situations. However, only you know whether you find using an agent of value and as I said previously you need to know how experienced your agent is with the type of visa you are applying for, how many refusals they've had etc to know whether or not they are of use to you. The refusal rate is high I believe due to integrity issues and incomplete applications. How happy would your boss be if he loses $5540 nom fee and SAF levy because someone has lodged an invalid or incorrect application? Your agent will know if you are able to apply with grandfathering provisions aswell. Good luck, it is a personal preference whether or not you use your agent, however I think you need to speak to them and ask them to explain what they do for their fee and how experienced they are with the Subclass you chose to apply for.... If you are unhappy/resentful from the outset I think you may be best to DIY!
  8. New Life Down Under

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Hi verystormy!!!
  9. New Life Down Under

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    I believe there is around 40% refusal at the moment verystormy on 186 and 187 are higher! Employers are also very wary nowadays with the huge SAF levy they have to pay. rollingstone1980, I think you have an agent already so speak to them. My fee for a 186 is $4400 , the going rate in WA is between $4000-$5000, but if you find a new agent they may be cheaper. You can tell how long they have been registered for by the first 2 digits of the MARN. Mine is 1173200 which means I have been doing this for 8 years since 2011!
  10. New Life Down Under

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Sad to hear your agent is not useful! For ENS you need to have a fulltime position to be sponsored. BV's are issued in most cases upon the valid application of a substantive visa onshore and only come into effect when the current visa ceases. BVA is the usual with no travel rights. I heard no invitations under 80 in the last round, but that could just be rumours! Havent had anyone invited under 75 points this year
  11. New Life Down Under

    Reference letter

    If you are claiming points for any work experience you need to provide evidence of such ie as Ali says letter from HR confirming dates, position, duties etc. Also may need payslips, tax returns etc. DOHA do verification checks on references and there are often integrity issues so make sure it is on letterhead if possible!
  12. New Life Down Under

    Skill Select - EOI Minimum POints now 65

    Just wanted to update everyone re Skill Select https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018L00920 The minimum points to lodge an EOI will increase on 1st July to 65, so sadly anyone sitting on 60 points who have lodged an EOI will no longer be able to be invited.
  13. New Life Down Under

    SAF just waiting Royal Assent

    The SAF was passed by Parliament last week and is just waiting Royal Assent to be written into Migration Act and Regulations. There is a short window to lodge Subclass 482/187/186 without the additional SAF contribution. Hurry UP!
  14. New Life Down Under


    If you are very good PC user you may find PTE test easier, a lot of my clients have affirmed that
  15. New Life Down Under

    Parent visa query

    You can look at onshore 804 visa possibly