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  1. Thanks ali and verystormy for the recommendation. I am in City Beach actually, so technically in the Western suburbs but NOR!!
  2. Thanks Rossmoyne and verystormy for your encouragement! It is nice to know you guys value the work of a RMA! I think I will just be bringing the g and t time forward an hour or so at the end of the day!!!!
  3. Rossmoyne, if DIBP are drowning then I have sunk!!!! Don't know whether I am coming or going!! Maybe it is dementia!!!
  4. Hi Verystormy Just got back from 2 weeks hols and saw your post. Strange one here, the legislation has been updated saying must be under 35 but the immi website doesnt reflect this! Another DIBP mystery!!!! 417.211 (1) The applicant satisfies the criteria in subclauses (2), (4) and (5). (2) The applicant: (a) holds a working holiday eligible passport of the kind, or of one of the kinds, specified in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subclause; andof the kind, or of one of the kinds, specified in a legislative instrument made by the Minister for the purposes of this subclause; and (b) is aged at least 18 and no more than: (i) 35; or (ii) if a younger age is specified in the instrument mentioned in paragraph (a) for the kind of passport the applicant holds-that younger age.
  5. The legislative instruments have just been released today and there are now plenty of lists to cross examine! We now have a list for : 186 Employer Nominated Scheme Direct Entr 187 RSMS Occupation List 457 List 189, 489 and 485 List Well, there will certainly be some fun reading to be had by all!
  6. Some positive news after all the bleak announcements recently! Time of application age has now been raised to 35 for WHV's!!!
  7. Dear Forum Members I must just clarify my post above, as yet the legislation regarding the age change has not been published, the information I provided came from an agent newsletter from DIBP on 27th June 2017,(see below) however technically this is not currently the law so I do not wish to advise falsely! I am pretty sure that as of 1st July this will be publicly available. I will of course update the forum in due course! Permanent visa update As previously advised, on 1 July 2017, a number of changes will also be proceeding in the permanent visa space. This includes the changes below for ENS and RSMS:  raising English language requirements to “competent” for all applicants (IELTS 6) – with TRT and Direct Entry requirements to be consistent; and  upper age limit of 45 for Direct Entry applicants. ENS (Direct Entry) will also be impacted by the changes to the skilled occupation lists referred to above. The upper age limit for General Skilled Migration (subclasses 189, 190 and 489) will also be reduced to 45.
  8. Anyone here on a 457 and looking for PR via the 2 year Temporary Transition make sure you apply before March 2018 as that is as long as the TRT arrangements remain unchanged for at this stage!
  9. Please remember that as of next week the maximum age for Permanent Visas for 186 ENS, 187 RSMS and 189,190,489 GSM visas will now be 45
  10. OK Neewbie, you are clearly having a dilemma about should I stay or should I go (as THE CLASH would say!) As a Migration Agent on here i must say that if your occupation is on the new STSOL you will only have 2 x 2 years on that visa. Having said that for many people who really want to stay they often find a way, either by retraining ie getting a student visa or moving to remote areas. My husband is a specialist BDM/WA Territory Manager and was made redundant in February! Your husband is very lucky to be sponsored in that kind of role as there are lots of excellent sales managers out there who are looking for work in WA. Many people move here who have never even set foot on Australian soil and realise that the dream isnt quite what they thought it was. Others step foot off the plane, thrive here and never leave. You are both still under 40 and I really believe in following dreams and giving things a go. However you and your husband sound like a couple who seem fairly contented with a comfortable life style, enjoy each others company and seem to have a close group of friends nearby. I am a little surprised that you even started this "quest!" You ask for positives, well I a sure that I speak for many on here and say that we live in a beautiful, clean, safe city with a fantastic climate and amazing ocean. Every day when I walk my dog at the foreshore I think how lucky I am. My teenage daughters are at the local State High School and are hopefully going to one of our excellent universities. I thought a photo of a beautiful Perth sunset (not enhanced at all!) may let you see what we have here. However, it is not for everyone and as an agent I often see troubled marriages, discontentment, and homesickness......
  11. Hi Neewbie, I agree with what Druid has written here, we are in a recession whether or not the Govt admit it! My husband was made redundant after 13 years and is tough out there as a jobseeker. However, I really believe that life is not a dress rehearsal, we dont get a second chance at it! At the end of the day a house is really just a pile of bricks and mortar and you can always buy another one! My main concern is for your dog dragging him/her all the way to maybe go back again!!! Sadly their lives are not as long as ours. If you have the opportunity come and give it a go, if you dont like it your 457 sponsor will have to pay for your return flights home anyway, it may be the best adventure ever!
  12. Make sure your occupation is on Schedule 1, otherwise you will only ever be able to get 2 , 2 year visas with PR being extremely unlikely
  13. Called Skilled Migration yesterday, they have as yet still not been informed of new lists! May not come util until new FY
  14. Friendly reminder for anyone thinking of applying direct entry RSMS or ENS visa. Age dropping to 45 from 50 on 1st July. Don't leave it too late to apply!!!
  15. I have a client who may be prepared to sponsor qualified chefs, will be a live in position for single person. Must be onshore and able to go for a trial, so must have working conditions on current visa. If interested please email me your resume