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Visa Validation


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we are popping over to Perth next week to validate our 190 visas. I have been informed just going through passport control validates the visa, is this correct?


Anyway looking forward to spending two weeks in Perth, we were there last year and loved the place, just wish this was the one way journey :biggrin:

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Sadly, you arrive tired and weary and stand in line with everyone else and then think "oh is that it then" lol. I have to say though we got a lovely officer checking our passports who looked at the children and said "you're stayers" ... must have a built in radar or something.


It's funny that when we returned from a holiday last year, the guy checking our passports asked if we'd had a good time, then as we picked up the passports said "welcome home" ... sometimes little things still make me smile

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some nice replies there, I am sure if the passport control officer acknowledges the fact that we have visas it will put a smile on my face :biggrin:



two weeks in Perth, weather superb, visa validated, looked around various suburbs - I think it will be a northern suburb we settle in - then back to a cold and frosty UK :mad:.


House going on the market in January then hopefully making the one way journey july/august 2014


It cant come soon enough!!!!

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