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Advice needed for places to visit whilst in Oz!


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Hi im hoping to get some advice as we are planning our trip to Perth to activate our visa and keep going round and round in circles, every place I look up lioks fantastic from Margaret river up!!


We will be travelling from london to perth via dubai then would like to explore as much of WA as possible. We are staying for around 6 weeks in july august (school hols as I am a teacher) and have a 3 and 6 year old.


I would love to visit Broome but not sure how long to stay. Then we wanted to go over to Cairns if possible at the end of the holiday before heading back. Any experience of either place with kids would be great and any tips on great places to visit ...WA is soo huge we don't really know where to start!!


Please help :-0

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Broome would be a good option as it will be it's dry season and lovely hot tropical.


Perth will of course be in winter. So a good idea to get north for a bit. You can fly from Perth to Broome.


Margaret River is at it's best in winter - most of the houses you rent have a log fire so great for a evening with a bottle of red picked up from the cellar door. But do be aware it will be cold and wet.


Perth has a lot of attractions the kids will love such as the zoo, cavendish wildlife park and plenty of others.


Cairns would be a good option as it will also be in it's dry season. I am not sure if you can fly direct from Perth. If not and you have to go via Sydney or Melbourne then you might as well have a few days there as well.

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In cairns do the proper far out to sea snorkel boat trip. Unspoilt coral and amazing fish. The closer to land trip is cheaper but the coral is dead and not so many fish. Very safe even for little ones. Also see the fruit bats at dusk I the town centre, the sky turns black with them! Head to the waterfalls inland and swim in the rock pools whilst the fish swim around you. So tranquil.


have lunch in the Sydney tower in Sydney. Massively high structure that revolves. Need to book it. Head to the blue mountains and take you the stunning views. Giant gorges covered in trees. Breathtaking!

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