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I have used Singapore and they were excellent. They also offer a heavily subsidised stopover in Singapore which is excellent.


Cathay are fine and another good option for a stop over in HK.


I normally fly emirates and do like them.


South African were also good. In fact i prefer their economy class to emirates.

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You obviously didnt fly on an old plane with one tv for everyone then stormy!! I know friends who often fly with saa and get these old style planes with no seatback tvs! Cant be having that, especially if you arent a good sleeper on planes.


emirate and singapore are good. I also like BA, never had a bad experience with them. Everyone is different though, one bad experience is enough to put you off for life, hence why i hate Air Chance, i mean Air France ;)

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Guest guest9824
Hello all ,

Well those that are reading :) could anyone recommend an airline to fly to the Uk ? There are quite a few newer ones since we came out here .

i know Emirates are supposed to be nice , any other suggestions please ?

Thanks in advance for any info :)


Hi JB have a lovely time if and when you go back. Emirates for me every time.



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Emiartes for me as well. Never a probelm with them. Always book the two hour stop in Dubai to get back as fast as possible. More expensive but hey ho less time wandering around aimlessly in Dubai airport itching to get back. Also if you are going economy then book online at their site so you control the booking not a travel agent. Then you hop onto their site and you can book a seat near the back of the plane if you like and if you are lucky have at least one empty seat beside you. Reckon I get that one out of every two flights in either direction. Also book any meal other than a standard one and you get served first, so you are therefore finished first, and then can wander round freely while everyone else is trapped in their seats with all the trays!! :wink: And lastly you check in online and then when you rock up to the airport to check in you miss all the big lines of waiting passengers who are there. All in all worth any extra cost. Just let me know your dates so I am not on the same flight otherwise you may be in the empty seat I was expecting :wink:

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Guest guest9824
Thanks all , looks like Emirates .


Peanuts , thank you :) First trip back in years ... a tad excited and a tad nervous !


JB you go for it, I think I know how much you want this trip back... I must admit I'm a little jealous. Have a wonderful time, I'm sure you will. Look forward to your posts while you are away :)



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Hi, I've been checking prices for the past few months. We'll be flying out of Istanbul, so have 5 options. Singapore, Malaysian, Emirates, Etihad or Qatar. I dont want to fly with my ex-airline Qatar, I might cry or god knows what, they might think I'M on staff travel and not serve me properly :P Out of the 5 of these airlines, Malaysian is the cheapest until now.(from İstanbul to Perth) I applied for their Enrich card (frequent flier membership)as well. Most of these airlines are 5 star, excellent service, of course it may depend on the cabin crew's mood.

As an ex-flight attendant I strongly advice to get a membership card from the airlines you choose. But Malaysian doesnt have a stopover opportunity. We are thinking of staying in Malaysia for a few days to get acclimatized, avoid jetlag etc. Dubai and Abudhabi stopover may be nice. Doha not so good. Singapore has stopover options up to 66 hours, which is great. But it is a very expensive place.

Cathay is a very good one as well. But do NOT fly with Turkish airlines! Big mistake! The best airline food on the planet, the worst service. I flew with them oooh sooo many times 2 years as flight attendant, all my life as passenger. Ah!

The things you should check when choosing an airline may depend on what you want to get in return. But generally I'd suggest these;

- if travelling with children individual inflight entertainment behind each seat.

-Enough legroom, Emirates is not that great.

-Aircraft type, Boeing 777 is a 3-4-3 or 3-3-3 seater. If you are seated on the window seat you'll have to disturb 2 other passenger to get up. You may choose an aisle seat or the central row to avoid that. Generally Airbus 330, 340, 380 is 2-4-2.

-Baggage allowance,

-Get a frequent flyer membership. If you are lucky you might get upgraded in case of an overbooked flight. I could fill a stadium with the economy passengers we upgraded to business because of this. However, this does NOT mean that you can demand an upgrade by yourself :) When economy is overbooked they start picking from gold, silver and normal members.

-Check in online, choose your seats yourselves, if you cannot do this go to the aiport very early, or else it will be toooo late. If the ground staff gives you different seats saying the cabin crew will "take care of this" dont buy it.

-If travelling with children, elderly, make sure you dont get a seat on the exit row, or else you will have to be moved, and all your stuff will be overhead already. Big hussle. Try to choose a seat on the bassinet row for the baby. But the baby must be small enough to fit in the bassinet, which is around 80 90 cm (I guess). Order child meal or kids meal, and ask to be served first so you can feed them, and eat you own food in peace. If your kids arent hungry during meal service, you can ask you meal to be reserved for later.

-If you have a sensitive stomach order low fat meal. Airline food is very oily.

-Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong airports are nice for transits.

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