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Hey you lot having a go at Basildon !!


It's my birthday this month, was looking forward to a cheesy girls night out in baz Vegas lol !!




Sounds great, where's our invites? (Can men come too?)

Anyway, since when was Rochford protective or sensitive about Basildon? You got your own heap of problems darlin' :wink:

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I used to love going to baz Vegas when I was younger but it's not somewhere I would go now. But it is my birthday soon and I do fancy a few drinks and a boogie :-) my friends have said if this is your last birthday in England then we are going to make it a good one !!


I don't even know what the clubs are called now, used to be jumpin jacks and ikon diva.


And yes you are all invited ;-) x

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The only places I remember were (I think), called Hollywood in Sarfend and another that was maybe Monroe's on the seafront? That might be completely wrong though I'm sure it had something to do with Marilyn but I guess it could easily have been called 'JFK's' or 'Norma's' etc


hahaha sarfend ! the only club ive been to in sarfend is TOTS, but that was a very long time ago :-)

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There's definitely a Chicago's!!! Agree that Aroma is still a fave. Failing that there's an Italian now too.


Think the club is Liquid but have never been!


ive never been to liquid either nikki, but think I might have a cheesy girls night out for my birthday in chicagos !!


when my girlfriends and I all meet up we usually go out for a lovely meal and a couple of drinks, but im quite looking forward to a boogie ! x

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