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Can't see where i fit,if at all?

Guest James A

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Guest James A

Hi ,I wonder if I might pick your brains about returning to Australia to live after being away for 25 years.My family left the UK( emigrated )in 1967,I was 2 years old .I grew up in Kenwick ,went to school got a job, paid taxes .etc but didn't ever seek naturalization .Basically left to travel when I was 21 and never came back.My family( Dad,Mum,sister and brother) still live there and are naturalized Australians.I have a UK passport and am 49.I would like to return to live but am unsure how I might approach an application..What section might apply to me,if any..or if anyone has a similar experience?.I would be grateful for any advice and please be as brutal as you like.I feel a bit like the boy who kicked his ball across the fence and went to ask for it back 25 years later .

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Guest James A
Hi James, welcome PP.


I have no idea but would suggest you contact a migration agent ASAP because I think the doors shut at 50 for many.


Why didn't you bother to naturalise? Why now?


I hope you get your ball back, but it might be a bit deflated by now!



Hi and thanks for the reply.


Answer to the first question is sadly ,I'm an idiot and the second question- Idiots occasionally have good ideas even if their timing isn't very good.


Iv'e been in touch with immigration who not surprisingly asked the very same questions,but at least we are now talking so we will see how it all goes....They didn't get the whole ball over the fence thing.


Thanks again.







thanks again

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I found this http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/residents/atr-re.htm don't know if it applies to you though.


I have read that if you spent your formative years in Australia then you can apply for a RRV - especially considering the rest of your family are citizens. I would try and speak to a migration agent that specialises in this kind of thing.


Just found the link https://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/151.aspx You have to have spent the first 9 out of 18 years in Australia, have close ties to Australia and be under 45. So you might miss out on the age :ssign13:

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