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Hello All,


I've been in Perth now since October 2013 and have been trying now for some months to find work in the environmental sector. I've got the necessary qualifications and 8 years experience in the UK water industry but so far that has not provided any results or interest from potential employers. Everyone keeps telling me its not what you know but who so I've been networking extensively as well. I'm currently on a working holiday and want to stay here with my girlfried (an Australian citizen) so have been looking at transitioning onto 190 visa - unfortunately I need to have a job offer or be in a position related to the skill to obtain this visa so rather a catch 22 at present. Has anyone else had experience in the environmental sector e.g environmental consultancies here in Perth and able to offer some sage advice?



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Sorry, I can't help directly with the work but if you're here on a WHV, that may very well be your problem.

Employers know all too well how transient WHV holders are and no amount of reassurance from you about your intentions is likely to build confidence with a prospective employer.

It's likely they're interpreting 'WHV' and 'girlfriend' both as 'temporary' and will look for commitment and stability from you either in the form of a permanent visa or reassurance that your relationship is solid, as in marriage. They may not admit this but if you're up against someone with matched skills and experience they'll go for long term investment over risk.


If there is any truth in what I'm saying and you can't change your status then you may just have to look at marketing yourself in a different way, find a niche or specialism in your field that's in demand and hope someone values this enough to take a risk.


Best of luck.

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I agree with both Porty and VS as employers are very hesitant to employ anyone on a WHV for anything other than a menial casual role. Which after all is what the visa is designed for.


Have you checked on the Immigration website to see if you qualify for a PR visa in your own right? Or maybe consider consulting a registered Migration Agent.


I have a friend who works in the environmental arena and he was a lecturer at uni in UK and also worked for the British Government for a while in "secret" stuff. He emigrated on the back of his wife's visa 7 years ago (she is a Science Teacher) and it took him three years to get a position back in his specialism.


I wish you luck but I think as the other guys have said, you need to look at marketing yourself differently, or apply for a PR visa in your own right.

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