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student via and partner on 457???????


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Hi everyone,


I would really appreciate any advice as we cant seem to find any, not even from our agent.


I am currently in the process of applying for a 573 student visa, taking my partner and son with me on it. We know that my partner can only work 40 hours per week on my visa but we want to know if he can get his own 457 visa when we get to Perth and then work full time? can he do this or will it go against the rules of my student visa.



Any advice will help




Kate x

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thats great news, do you have a link to anywhere it says this, to show our visa agent.

I realised I put 40 per week, I meant fortnight lol. He is a qualified Mechanic but hasn't done it for 12 years and currently works as a Mechanical Engineering Technician but isn't qualified. Both jobs are on SOL but he hasn't got both qualifications AND experience for either of them them. We are hoping he can gain part time experience as a mechanic on my 573 and then get a 457.


Its all ifs and buts at the minute but fingers crossed we'll get there. We just want to be in Aus!!!!


thanks for your help



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Being on a student visa - you might have some school fees if your child is school age also. I think the work restriction is during term time (can work more when it's holidays). If you're using a visa agent - they should be aware of all this information.

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Yes it should be possible for him to change to 457 from secondary applicant on the student visa. But I would be taking advice from a RMA if it would be wise for you to be a secondary applicant on the 457 or continue on the student visa if he was to find a sponsor.


what are you planning on studying?

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Yes we will have to pay $5000 in Perth.

I would prefer to go on my student visa as this gives us 6 years, including the post study visa. If my partner gets a 457 then they sponsor him for pr we will transfer to that.

I am going for Early childhood and primary education, I work in a special school now and have lots of experience in nursery education too.

We can't wait to call Aus home just seems to be lots of hurdles, we won't give up though

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