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Perth Poms and Pomsinoz Meet Up 2015


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As last year was a huge success we have decided to hold another meet up, thanks to John at Moneycorp who is sponsoring the event. At this stage we are trying to get an idea of those who will attend, like last year it will be held in February and food and drinks will be provided.

If you are interested in meeting new members or even the admin/mod team please let me know below and I will keep you updated.

The only regret I have about last years was there didn't seem enough time to get around and chat with everyone.

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Last years was held from 5:30 - 10pm and we did have children attend. I suppose its down to the families. I know new families can't find babysitters so its easier to bring the children along.


Didn't you have it on a mid week night though rather than a Friday? My daughter and I went into the City for a pre-show Meal on a Friday and it was heaving - wouldn't be enjoyable at all for little children.

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Last year was great to say hi to people, shame some of them appeared to have dropped off the radar a little and hope it wasn't something I said.


We'd only come along if it was a family friendly affair because the kids would like to meet new people too.

I think we are going to opt for the lunchtime weekend. I'm just waiting for John to confirm

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